Wednesday, May 11, 2022


 Good afternoon all sorry I have been mia been recouping from the reader roundup . Today I have a novella in the Sinful Nature series .  UNHOLY ADDICTION by Lynn Burke. 

                          BOOK BLURB

    He comes in like a rainstorm, washing away the dust from a too-long drought. But giving into my new addiction will land me at rock bottom—a place I know I won’t escape again.

Overcoming addiction hasn’t been a cake walk, and finding self-worth after choosing the path that landed me at rock bottom?

Damn near impossible.

For me, sex and booze go together like PB&J, so staying clean means no hookups.

AA meetings help me stay the course…until a lip-glossed twink walks in and threatens my willpower.

Chase is a summer rainstorm, washing away the dust from a too-long drought. He makes me crave the things I’ve set behind me, causing a restlessness I recognize.

A new addiction.

However, giving in to my desire for Chase will land me back in the hole I crawled from, a place I know I won’t escape a second time.

And I’ll never forgive myself if I drag him down along with me.

                  MY REVIEW 
   Michael is working hard on his recovery . He has sworn to stay away from sex and booze . It has been a cake walk for awhile until the day Chase walked into the the AA meeting and sets Michaels heart a fire but will Michael fall for the lip glossed twink that has him reconsidering his lonely life . Will they be able to able to find the love that they both deserve or will Michael head down the road that will lead him to ruin.
  Michael and Chase are such tortured characters, Michael has been through so much in his past that he has paid for and now he is keeping his life on track . He comes off as a rough man who is always trying to pick up guys . He is a sweet guy with a heart of gold and is paying for the sins of his past . Chase is the exact opposite of Michael, he is sweet and all out there from his skinny jeans to the lip gloss he wears . They are total opposites but some how they fit together like a glove . They are so well written and each of them have a complexity that make them unique and lovable . 
  i was so excited when I hurt Michael was getting his own story .  He was such a fun character to read in the other books . So I got this book and read it in an evening . The author really ramped up sexual tension in this novella . She takes us on a very emotional roller coaster ride in such a short book . I really like this series the characters are well written and you will fall in love with all of them . There is one thing I wish that is was just a little longer . Over all I truly enjoyed this book and this whole series . So check it out if youwant a sweet sexy story . 

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