Monday, October 31, 2016


 HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL . Today we are going to review CIVIL WAR (The Orphans Zombie book 5) by Mike Evans .

                            BOOK BLURB

Orphans Civil War Vol V
Book five begins almost one year from the fateful release of the drug that started it all. Wage war alongside Shaun and Ellie with the rest of the group as the threats increase and the threatened fight back! Lives will be lost but those that refuse to back down will have to fight harder than ever before to see one more day.

                            MY REVIEW
   Here we are in book five of the series and it just keeps getting better and better .  We are one year later and our two navy seals are finding and training more and more young people .  They are getting into a rhythm and are thriving in the compound . Until the day that the earth falls out from under them and they have to fight a war that will take its causalities and also give you strength to carry on.
   The characters in this book are getting stronger and more complex . Shaun is such a strong character , he is keeping everyone safe and is like a father figure to the younger kids . But you also see him becoming the leader that they need in this new threat that is coming for them . I mean when you think that Shaun and the group have been beaten down and can't take anymore . He pulls through and stands up to take more and dish out more . The other characters come out as strong and complex . They all have their places and they all contribute to the group in so many ways . Shaun wouldn't be the man he is with Ellie and the rest of the group.
    I really enjoy these books , they take you on an apocalyptic rollercoaster ride. I have never cried so hard reading a book then I did at this one . I was so sad and  angry at what treachery some characters pulled . I seriously wanted to scream at my kindle a few times . The twists and turns will keep you guessing and the story will keep you turning pages . The story is fast paced an full of action and you will probably finish it in one sitting .
  I would love to see this set of books turned into a graphic novel. I seriously think they have what it takes to be in comic form . Its a great story that any person that loves zompoc books would devour . So if you like fast paced books with lots of action check out the ORPHANS series by Mike Evans .

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