Monday, December 12, 2016


  Good day all , I know its been a weeks since I posted . Its been a very hectic week around here . The temperatures have bottomed out here on the farm and Christmas is rapidly approaching . I have been doing some thinking and contemplating . As you know the book world is very competitive and authors are always trying to get their books out there .
   I just want to take a moment to say a big thank you to all the authors that have graciously let me read their books and write about them.  You have taken me to places that you can only travel in my mind.  I have been in the zombie apocalypse kicking butt and channeling my inner Carol . I have been transported back to a time where you were tortured and killed for being different and being called a witch . I never knew how evil the church could be . I have been to the shores of beautiful islands in the arms of a leading man that would make you swoon . Then I have been chasing monsters with hot sexy vampires and werewolves .  I have had devolved into dark fantasies that are taboo to most people . I have been on the back of a motorcycle holding on to a hot sexy biker that will melt your panties .
   I guess what I am saying is THANK YOU to all of you who have the courage to sit down and write, taking the ideas and writing them down and making them into a story that others can enjoy.  So please take the time and open a good book this Christmas . Enjoy the escape they give you .
  Now just want to wish everyone authors and readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best in 2017. I hope to see you all next year with more great books and great blog posts . \
                                                   LOVE YOU ALL


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