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Books to curl up with: MADE IT TO FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: MADE IT TO FRIDAY:   Good morning my peeps, thank the gods we made it to Friday. I hope it is looking more spring like where you are, around the farm it is sti...


  Good morning my peeps, thank the gods we made it to Friday. I hope it is looking more spring like where you are, around the farm it is still a winter landscape with snow everywhere. Today I have a new series for you MERMAID MAYHEM (A Mystic Falls book one ) by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain, 

                          BOOK BLURB

 My name is Marina Estuary, and I’m a mermaid.

Actually, I’m a lot more than a mermaid—I’m a siren, but I have to keep that little tidbit on the down-low. Why? Because anyone who hears the song of the siren will either lose their mind or become desperately in love with me.

That’s usually a buzzkill to most people.

Anyway, not only am I a siren-in-hiding, but I’m also a private investigator. And I’ve been called to the newest of the supernatural hollows, Misty Hollow, to investigate the disappearance of three women.

Not only did the women go missing from the blossoming hollow (which is more like an old west boomtown dropped into the middle of a Louisiana swamp), but the facts behind their disappearance are hazy at best.

I’m not entirely sure that the quick-talking, devious and secretive vampire mayor of Misty Hollow, Alistair Beaumont, didn’t have something to do with it.

Or could the truth lie with the unfriendly leader of the weregator community, Jean-Baptiste, a man as surly as he is sexy?

Good thing for me that I’m an expert at unearthing truths that don’t want to be unearthed…

                        MY REVIEW 
  Marina Estuary is a private investigator and a mermaid, yes I said mermaid. She has been called to a new hollow for super naturals where three women have disappeared . Marina is more then just a mermaid she is hiding a secret . When she is called to Misty hollow by a brooding mayor Alistair Beaumont to help find the women, but when she meets the weregators and the sexy Jean-Baptiste things start to change for Marina. Will she be able to find the ladies or get her and hew new friends in trouble. 

 This is a spin off of Haven Hollow series and have some really fun characters. The main character Marina aka Eerie is so much fun. She is a complex woman who is running from her past . She is also a mermaid who has some ancient powers. I really like how feisty she is, she is ready to throw down with who ever is ticking her off but she also has a soft side that has her hiding from her past. Alstair and Jean-Baptiste are like the opposite sides of the same coin. They both are sexy, brooding men but are totally different super naturals. Alstair is a vampire and you really can't trust him as far as you can throw him. He seems like he always has an agenda. Jean-Baptiste comes off a gruff surly man were gator but we find out there is more to him then meets the eye and is actually a pretty good guy. There are also so many other great characters we have angels, fairies, gargoyles, demons just to name a few. 

 This is a spin off from another series and I think I am going to like it as much as I like the original series. The characters are fun to read and you will love to read about them . I have a funny feeling that poor Marina is going to get into so much trouble with her friends. The authors have really made up a new hollow and the idea of it being like a wild west town in the middle of the swamp. I can't wait to see where the authors take the characters and how they are going to build the hollow. So if you want to start a new series with fun characters check them out .

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


  Good morning my peeps, today is the first full day of spring and well it is cold and a white wonderland out here on the farm still. It is a good day to curl up with a good book and today I have for you book 2 in the Dragon Birthright series. THE DRAGON PROTECTOR by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 I’ve been kidnapped and sold by Devon more times than I can count.

But it doesn’t change the feelings I have for him, because each time he sold me to one sister and then the other, he did so for a reason that had everything to do with saving his kind.

Yes, his kind as in… dragon shifters.

And the dragon shifters are a dying species.

Now Devon has made his feelings clear for me and he’s taken me under his wing, so to speak.

Together, we face a problem—how to defend the dragons from the humans who want nothing more than to wipe them out.

The only problem? Well, there are a few:

The full-blooded dragons don’t want to fight, the shifter-dragons don’t want me involved in their business (namely because I’m human), and Devon still isn’t telling me everything.

It’s those secrets that make me begin to realize that maybe these blossoming feelings we obviously share should be nothing more than pleasant dreams that can never be…

                         MY REVIEW 
 Selena and Devon are back, after saving Selana from her sister, Devon has a decision to make let Selena in on his plans to save his kind or push her away. With feelings bubbling up from both of them they have to figure out what to do. Devon wants to fight and save his kind but the full blood dragons don' t want to fight and second there really aren't enough dragon shifters to fight everyone. It is hard to be Selena because she has feelings for Devon but noone else wants her around . Maybe it is time to figure out if they truly belong together or is it just a dream that can never happen. 

 Devon and Selena have off the charts chemistry but they both have secrets that they are trying to keep hidden. Selena has mixed emotions about what is happening and why she is feeling the way she is She is trying really hard to keep everyone safe including Devon. But, alas she is just human and isn't wanted . She is feisty and honest but she does get into trouble with the dragon shifters . Devon is well he is still a hot, sexy guy who is also a dragon. But, he isn't the most trusting man to all things dragon shifters he continues to hide stuff from Selena and well he is also broody . We also meet some new characters who well are dragon shifters and they are all grumpy ready to fight . Each character is well written and getting more and more complex . 

 This is the second book in the series and it basically starts where book one ends and the first chapters are full of angst and we have a sword fight and a rescue . Then we get into the mysteries of each character and how they are going to handle the budding attractions and the secrets that are being kept. The authors have added so much more angst in this book. The characters are becoming more and more complex and the story will have you on the edge of your seat 99% of the time.  I can't wait to see where the authors take the characters and see how they survive the fights to come . This is one of those series where you get sucked in and will read book after book to see how things turn out for everyone. So if you want a good dragon shifter series check it out.

Friday, March 17, 2023


Some secrets should stay hidden. If they come to light, darkness could weaken even the strongest of families.

Real estate agent Charlotte O'Donohue never looks forward to Mondays. Usually, a couple cups of coffee will fix her mood, but today an unexpected voice directs her to a dead body. She's going to need a bigger cup, and it better be caffeinated!

When the dead body happens to be your client, the scandal could jeopardize her brother's business, but Charlotte is more worried about a mysterious stranger who decides she's the number one suspect. He seems familiar and dangerous. He knows she has a secret, and Charlotte will do anything to keep the truth from him. How could he possibly understand that she can hear the dead?

Ghostly whispers from a spirit who haunts the large Kansas City mansion warns of more danger to come for Charlotte, her family, and for the stranger. But as Charlotte discovers a key to one mystery, another one that could reveal more than a murderer but a long-forbidden love.

The haunted and the living seem to be conspiring against the spunky real estate agent, throwing her into a love of her own that shakes her to the core.

When long hidden secrets expose lost loves, two intertwined families are placed in jeopardy in Charlotte's Voices of Mystery.

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Kansas City, Missouri native C.L. Bauer is the author of three series in mystery genres. Originally a reporter, Bauer worked through jobs in marketing and advertising, to eventually take over the reins of her family’s century old business, Clara’s Flowers. Many of the stories used in her books are based on true events from years in the wedding and event flower world.

You can reach C.L. Bauer on all social mediums, Goodreads, and through her website, You can check out her flower designs at

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 Good morning my peeps, hope your Monday was good and you found some time to read. Today I have for you the first book in a brand new series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. DANCE WITH THE DEAD book one in Gwen's Ghosts series. 

                           BOOK BLURB

 From the time I was eight years old, I could see ghosts.

One ghost in particular occupied most of my attention: Petra Shearwater.

That was mostly because Petra decided to become my forever tagalong, traveling with me from the small, English country town of Morley-on-Avon, where she’d died, to the bustling cosmopolitan city of The Big Apple.

Now, thirty-four years later, as a mystery novelist just out of a lackluster fifteen-year relationship, I’m in need of a new start and some inspiration for a new book.

So, I find myself setting off for the one town that captured my interest all those years ago: Morley-on-Avon.

And, yes, Petra is along for the ride.

Now at the fresh age of forty-two, I’m looking for a new start, a new book, and even new love—something I’m hoping to find with the local blacksmith named Leo.

Leo seems to be all contradictions: hulking but shy, soft-spoken yet enormous, boyish yet in his mid-forties.

What I’m not planning on, however, is that the little cottage I’ve moved into, called Bluebells, is haunted!

And I’m fairly sure that the ghost haunting it, Victoria Willis, is trying to tell me something about her death… a death I’m not convinced was an accident, as all the Morley locals might like me to believe…

                          MY REVIEW
 Gwen is a special woman , she has been able to see ghosts. After 15 years in a lackluster relationship  she needs to start a new life somewhere well anywhere . With her friend Petra they are off to Morley - on - Avon. Where Gwen wants to start a new life and write a new book and maybe find some love along the way with Leo. But. like all things there are pitfalls and when she moves into her little cottage and finds out it is haunted. Gwen thinks that she knows who is haunting her cottage  Victoria Wills is trying to tell them about her death and Gwen is convinced that it was murder.  Will Gwen and Petra be able to figure out what happened to Victoria and oh and have an idea for her next book and maybe a love life of some sort . 

   This is fun read and the characters are so much fun to read. Gwen is your average mystery writer but she has a secret that she can see dead people . Gwen is middle aged  which I like because she is my age and we get to see her start over again . She is fun loving and sweet and just wants a clean break. Petra is well she is Gwen's best friend and confidante as well as a centuries old ghost . She seems to balance Gwen out most of the time and is her ear when Gwen needs to talk things out. Leo is a sweet guy with a sweet soul. I must say that I can't wait to see where the authors take these characters if the first book is any indication they will be going on a wild ride. 

  This is the first book in a brand new series from these authors and I will admit it was a fun fast read. The authors have made some cool characters and a backdrop that can have very many adventures through out . The characters are well written and they can go up from there . I really can't wait to get my hands on book 2 . I honestly need more Gwen and Petra . If you want a fun fast read on how the two main characters met check it out .

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY:  Good morning peeps its Monday , I really hope you all had a great weekend and read some great books. Today I have for you WILD HORSES ON TH...


 Good morning peeps its Monday , I really hope you all had a great weekend and read some great books. Today I have for you WILD HORSES ON THE SALT by Anne Montgomery. 

                       BOOK BLURB 

 Can Rebecca find hope in the wilds of the Arizona desert?

Escaping her abusive husband, Rebecca hops the red-eye to Arizona. There, Gaby Strand - her aunt’s college roommate - gives her shelter at the Salt River Inn, a 1930’s guesthouse located in the wildly beautiful Tonto National Forest.

Becca struggles with post-traumatic stress, but is enthralled by the splendor of the Sonoran Desert. Soon, she meets Noah Tanner, a cattle rancher and beekeeper, Oscar Billingsley, a retired psychiatrist and avid birder, and the blacksmith, Walt. Thanks to her new friends and a small band of wild horses, Becca adjusts to life in the desert and rekindles her love of art.

After Becca's husband tracks her down, she has to summon all her strength. But can she finally stop running away?

                        MY REVIEW 
 Rebecca is running away from an abusive relationship and heading to Arizona. Where she meets her aunts best friend, Gaby. She is given shelter at Salt River inn. As she struggles with ptsd, she in love with the desert and meets some good friends she starts to feel safe. When her ex finds her, she has to find the will to live and fight back to bring her life back in balance or will she perish in her fight to survive. 

   The characters in this book are varied and well developed. Rebecca is a sweet woman who has been through so much. She is scared and well just beaten down from her past and her abusive husband. We also have a wild stallion that I compare Rebecca to, he wants to get back to his herd and he is lost with out them. Just like the stallion we see Rebecca grow stronger through out the book. With the help of her herd Gaby, Nick, Walt and Oscar. We see them surrounding her with the love she deserves so she can heal. The stallion and his little lamb buddy prove that with the same amount of love and devotion we can all be the best we can be.  These characters are so well written and complex

  This is one of those stories where you are transported to a place where you can't put the book down and you don't want to. I first saw the book I was like wooohoo a wild horse book. Then I started reading and wow I hurt for the characters all of the characters. The timelines are parallel to each other . The growth of Becca and the voyage home for the stallion bring us both pain and happiness. There were moments though that I felt the story kind of moved a little slow but over all I loved the story and really enjoyed the way the characters grew . So if you want a story of pain and the growing up and becoming stronger and over coming . This is the story for you check it out.