Monday, May 29, 2017


   Good Monday all . Today we are going to review a great new children's book BANSHEE IN THE BASEMENT (Tales of Dark Wonder book 1) by Francis Leggett

                            BOOK BLURB

   When ten year old Danny finds himself alone with his vile Aunt Agnes, and his mother suddenly vanished, he begins to experience mysterious things he cannot explain. Can he and his new friend Pip figure out what is going on and escape his aunt's horrendous house or will he be stuck there forever?

                            MY REVIEW  
            This was a fun read and kids are really going to enjoy it . Meet Danny a ten year old little boy who has to stay with his Aunt Agnes . She is evil and cruel and poor Danny doesn't know what or why he is there .  He is all alone and starts to experience some eerie things . He knows he has to find out what is going on or he will be stuck at Aunt Agnes house forever . With his friend Pip he will uncover what is going on in the basement . Will Danny survive and will he ever see his mom again .
    This book is very well written and has a goosebumps type feel to it . I really enjoyed reading . The characters are very well written and you can't help but want to pick Danny up and hug him and tell him that everything will be ok .  Also you really dislike Aunt Agnes she is just plain mean almost evil in a way .  This would be a great book to read around the campfire with a flashlight in your hands .
But enough of my babbling . I have asked someone that is closer to the age of the readers .

Lachlan age almost 7
Do you like the characters?   Yes, I like them all except Aunt Agnes.  I like Danny because he's nice.  I like Pip because she's adventurous and she was Danny's only friend.  I liked Merelda the cat because she was cute, funny, and black like my own cat Satchmo.
Was Aunt Agnes scary to you?  She was more mean than scary.  She made Danny stay in his room a lot and do way too many chores and called him names like Pest instead of Danny.
Overall did you like the book?  And is there anything you disliked about the book?  I loved the book, it was a great mystery and the end was a surprise.   The only thing I disliked was how mean Aunt Agnes was to Danny sometimes.

 So if you want a great book for the kids this summer check out BANSHEE IN THE BASEMENT. 
Your kids wont be disappointed and you will love the story too . 

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