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Happy Wednesday all, hope your week is going good . Today we are going to review ORACUS The Lavorian Rider by Paul Gaskill

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"I read this book on holiday. It kept me on my sun bed and out of the pool."

"I read this book on holiday. It kept me on my sun bed and out of the pool."

"This an amazing read, thank you for letting us into your world, Paul Gaskill."

"A fantastic read from start to finish."

The Lavorian Rider is the first novel of Paul Gaskill's young-adult fantasy trilogy.

From living in a small village where knowledge of the King's dictatorial reign is unknown, Oracus' ordinary life is turned upside down when he forges a bond with a Lavorian and becomes its Rider. When the King's soldiers seize the village and kill his father, Oracus joins the rebellion and endeavours to exact his vengeance. With a Lavorian by his side, he becomes a vital factor in the war that will determine the land's fate.

Can Oracus survive and help to end the King's tyranny?

                            MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to a cool new young adult fantasy book . Let me introduce you to Oracus a young man from a small village. He is living a good life because the king doesn't know his village is even there. He has left them alone . But there is more to Oracus then even he knows . With the help of his lavorian that he has bonded with and the rebellion team . He will save his village and the land and end the kings tyranny once and for all . 
     This is a book full of fantasy and is such a good read . You will be sucked in to the story and will want to cheer for Oracus and his friends .  He is taken from a small village and becomes such an important part of saving the land that he loves. There is so much that has been hidden from Oracus when he finds out that he is a rider as his lavorian creature finds him . They go through some trials and tribulations as they grow to trust each other . Now throw in an evil king who is destroying everything and everyone Oracus loves . They must come together to fight the king and save the world . Oracus grows up fast and you see him come to terms with things that have turned his world upside down . Together with his friends you see them become a great team that fights the evil. 
      This is a very sweet fantasy story that is also a gripping coming of age story in it . I got sucked into the story in the first chapter . The author puts so much into this story , the fantasy is great and the characters are wonderful . You just want to hug them all at one point .and tell them that every thing will be ok .  The problems that Oracus goes through like finding his place in the world , are problems that most people go through at one time or another . This is a great book for those who want to get lost in a good fantasy that will sweep you off your feet and taken away to a world where good versus evil . You will cheer and cry. I will highly recommend this book for any person of any age that just wants a good read . You will be glued to the pages . Great book for the kids this summer 


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