Friday, March 13, 2020


 Well welcome to Friday the 13th , today I have a new book from a cool author . HEALER , Havenhart  Academy  by R.L Merrill.

                            BOOK BLURB

From the award-winning author of Hurricane Reese, contributing author in Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Universe, and the creator of Rock 'n' Romance favorites Haunted and Teacher comes a new supernatural romance that will make you swoon and shiver.

WANTED: Counselor for child trauma victims at scenic boarding school in northern Arkansas. Must be open-minded, flexible, and ready to travel at a moment's notice. Patience, extreme vigilance, and discretion required. Generous compensation guaranteed.

Veteran teacher and counselor Delaney Frost accepts a job at Havenhart Academy and soon learns that not only are her new charges “gifted," but that within her resides a power so rare and precious, it can be used to heal others. When danger arrives at the academy gates, Delaney and her mysterious yet alluring boss will fight to protect the children from a megalomaniac out for revenge and the destruction of all she holds dear.

Welcome to Havenhart Academy.

                     MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to the academy , a scenic boarding school in Arkansas . Delaney Frost accepts a counselor job at this school. There is more to this job then meets the eye . Delaney and Damien the mysterious man who walked into her life . They are saving and protecting the young lives of the academy . Will they be able to save them from the man out for revenge on all those that she holds dear . 

  This being the first book in a new series , the characters are well written and complex . Delaney is feisty and able to take care of herself even though she seems damaged . As the story goes we see that she is stronger and and grows more confident as you go through the book . Damien is mysterious and sexy in his own way . He is a protector of those who he cares for and will fight to keep them safe . You also meet a great group of kids in this book that you will love . The characters are a fun read and you will fall for each of them and want to help protect them . 

   This is a really good start for a new series by this author . I truly like her writing style . She takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride and gives you all the feels .  I truly like that the lead character in the story is flawed and isn't in perfect health . She makes you feel and you want to make sure everyone is going to be ok . This book is full of self discovery and good old fashion romance. There are moments in the book though that I will say kind of dragged . for me . I know it takes a lot to set up a new world when starting a series . Over all I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see where the author takes us in the second book . So check it out you won't be disappointed . 

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