Monday, October 19, 2020


 Good Monday all , today is a 3 cup of coffee type of day around the ranch today . Hope you guys are doing ok and staying safe and warm . Today I have a new author to me Cynthia Terlst and her novella LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE . A second chance romance 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 When she left him…

…Tara couldn’t explain why.

After five years, did she still have feelings for Shepherd?

Her brother’s passing hit Tara hard and it left a scar. That night, at the party, when she saw Shepherd high, Tara had no choice, it was over. It brought up too many painful memories and she wouldn’t go through it again. The decision was simple.

She had to leave.
No goodbye.

For Shepherd, losing Tara broke his heart. Not knowing why she left, well that pain he addressed with drugs, alcohol, and meaningless relationships. After he hit rock bottom, he cleaned up and came up with a plan to get her back. Could it work?

It was his only shot.

Would a desperate ruse, with the best intentions, but costing a fortune, give him the chance to win her heart for good? Or would it ruin him?
Will she be brave enough to be loved?

                       MY REVIEW 
   When Tara lost her brother her heart broke and when she saw the man she loved doing something that just didn't sit right with her . She leaves him and now five years later Shepherd wants to know why Tara left and he wants her back . Will the plan he cooked up work or will the misunderstandings of the past come between them again .

   This is a sweet second chance romance , Shepherd is a sweet guy who has had a bit of bad luck when it concerns Tara the woman he loves . He is fun loving and sweet and will do anything to see if Tara still wants him . Tara is a sweet woman who has had heart break in her life . Between her brother dying and loosing Shepherd , she is lost and needing to find herself again .  They are the perfect couple when they come together . 

   This is a second chance at romance novella that will give you the feels . The author has a way of drawing you in and keeping entertained through out the book. The characters are well written and you will cheer for them and there are times you want to slap them upside the head and tell them not to be so stupid . The book has romance . a mystery scavenger hunt . love and oh yeah a dog. So if you wan to try a second chance romance check it out . You will laugh and maybe shed a tear or two . Great for your fall evenings 

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