Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 Good Tuesday all , hope your week is going well. Today I have a new author to me and her book . GHOST FOR THE UNTAMED by Rain Bishop . 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 Without any hesitation, I answer the calls from the boss of the Untamed. I am the one they call when negotiations have failed. If the job is time-sensitive and needs to be done with efficiency, I am your man. Born a bastard son, there are no records of me. A ghost in the system and contracted since birth, I am the Unseen Man. For the work that I do, you would never see me coming. If you did, you would know you’ve fucked up. With many years of training at this job, I excelled at what I did. Killing people, being the monster that awaited you in the dark. With no emotions that tied me down, I lived for this. 

This assignment was no different from the last, until I found a drugged-up woman while on location. She awoke with fire in her eyes and changed my plan. Wearing the eyes of a killer, she captivated me in every way. After a horrific discovery, I vowed to tear the world apart alongside her. The only desire that I had now was her vengeance, and it was going to be sweet. 

Remington is a man with no past , he is a ghost who is called when negotiations have failed . He is the man who is the last resort and when he gets the information that no one else can get . He has been trained for this his whole life. Then the one assignment that changed his life forever . The one thing that he thought would never happened did . When he meets a woman who changes his life forever. She was taken and when she wakes up they become the one thing that drug dealers will be hating . The UNSEEN will take them out . When the one thing they both want is vengeance and its going to be one sweet ride .

Ok I just want to say wow I truly like these characters . They are well written and complex. Remington is a man of few words, he is strong , silent man who has been conditioned to be ruthless . He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he is ruthless .Until the moment he meets Gwen . Gwen is one feisty, strong willed woman . She may come off a little naive at the start but when you really get to shine is when she is Remington. She can handle her own with the men in her new life . She can put even the burliest of men in their place with a comment or a look . Both characters are great but together they really have a life of their own.

This book was suggested to me by a friend and I am glad she told me about it . I am usually not a mafia style book girl but this book had me from the first chapter . The characters were interesting and this was a mafia book but the men in this book had a conscious when it came to certain things. I couldn't put it down There was one thing just bothered me , they kept patting her on the head , I know she was short but it felt like it was she was a kid . Over all I loved this story and really can't wait to see where the author takes the characters . Over all I really enjoyed this book . So if you want a thought provoking book for your summer reading list check it out . I promise you will love the characters and the story.

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