Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 Good morning everyone , hope your Tuesday is being good to you . Today I have the second book in the A Medium with a Heart series . REPLICATED MURDER  by Erica J. Whelton 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Joanna is at it again, investigating a murder or in this case murders, in the second book of the Medium with a Heart series.

The town of Creekview is reeling from a series of gruesome murders. As the number of victims rises, with few clues and no suspects, detectives turn to Joanna, the Medium with a Heart, to help solve the case. Joanna feels ill-equipped, but could she refuse the sexy detective’s plea? As she digs into the case, bizarre things begin happening. The usually trusting Joanna begins to suspect she is the next victim, and almost anyone could be the Playhouse Killer.

                    MY REVIEW 
 Joanna and the gang are back and investigating another serial murderer. As the number of dead women rise , Joanna is feeling a little uneasy over the amount of women coming to her for help . With the help of Clint, the sweet sexy detective they will try and get the Playhouse killer . Before Joanna becomes his next victim.

  Joanna and the gang are back and better then ever . Joanna is working hard and balancing life as a medium and her home life with a newborn .  She is one hardworking woman through out this story . Clint is back and sweeter then ever and when Joanna and Clint are together they are such a cute couple . They are becoming more complex and you will love them . 

 This is the second book in the series and I will say I rampaged my way through this story in an evening . I was totally into the story so trying to figure out who the Playhouse Killer was . I was thrown for a loop a few times , and the person i thought it was well what a red herring that was .The author really took us on a ride with this book with all the twists and turns . The only thing that had me kind of tuning out was all the baby talk that went on . Yes I know there is a child written into this book but I feel that it was over used a bit . Over all I enjoyed the story very much and can't wait to read book three . 

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