Thursday, December 23, 2021


  Good morning my peeps , hope your Christmas prep is going good and you are all done and ready to celebrate the season . Today I have a Christmas book in the Haven Hollow series . THE YULE LOG  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                            BOOK BLURB 

 It’s December 21 and the first night of the celebration of Yule!

Much to Lorcan’s feigned irritation, Wanda is in the midst of throwing a Yule celebratory party at one of his numerous residences within Haven Hollow.

But, yuletide exaltation is hardly on his mind. The only thing Lorcan can think about, other than the long and smooth line of Wanda’s delicate neck, is his Yule gift still awaiting her.

But, as with most things involving the vampire and the Blood Witch, not everything goes to plan.

When Lorcan imbibes one too many blood-chatas (ten, to be exact), memories of his unfortunate childhood revisit him and before he can stop himself, he’s waxing… well, not exactly poetic.

Faced with a ruined holiday party and feeling sorry for himself, Lorcan turns his anger on the Yule log, something which will prove to be quite the big mistake…

                    MY REVIEW 

 When Wanda throws an epic Yule party at his mansion , he is really non too thrilled . Well we know from past experiences with Wanda and Lorcan things don't always go as planned . When Lorcan over does it on the blood - chatas , his past childhood traumas come back and before he knows it he is throwing a hissy fit and throws everyone out of the party including the Yule log. Which like all things concerning Lorcan and Wanda is a big mistake . Will they be able to stop what happens before Yule is ruined for all and Lorcan ends up getting a lightning bolt where the sun doesn't shine .

   Omg I love this story and I absolutely love Lorcan and Wanda so much .  Lorcan is such a fun character , in this novella he is trying really hard to keep thing civil with Wanda and keeping his lust to a low level and her . He is so tortured through out this book and I feel for him.  Wanda is back as the temptress she is to Lorcan and when things go awry. They are such a fun couple even when they are fighting there is a chemistry between them . I love them together as a couple and want to see that finally happen for them . 

 This is such a fun story to read during the Christmas season . It is a fun fast little read that will keep entertained . The authors really like to put their characters through a lot before getting them to their happy place . I am so glad we got to see more of Lorcan and what happens to him as more of a character then the hero that comes blowing in at the end to help . I love this story and it is the fun read for the evening . So check it out for the Christmas . 

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