Friday, October 13, 2023


  Good morning my peeps, hope you all had a great week its Friday and the 13th to top it off. So I have a book for you that will make you think differently about the beauty industry. ROUGE  by Mona Awad

                            BOOK BLURB

   For as long as she can remember, Belle has been insidiously obsessed with her skin and skincare videos. When her estranged mother Noelle mysteriously dies, Belle finds herself back in Southern California, dealing with her mother’s considerable debts and grappling with lingering questions about her death. The stakes escalate when a strange woman in red appears at the funeral, offering a tantalizing clue about her mother’s demise, followed by a cryptic video about a transformative spa experience. With the help of a pair of red shoes, Belle is lured into the barbed embrace of La Maison de Méduse, the same lavish, culty spa to which her mother was devoted. There, Belle discovers the frightening secret behind her (and her mother’s) obsession with the mirror—and the great shimmering depths (and demons) that lurk on the other side of the glass.

Snow White meets Eyes Wide Shut in this surreal descent into the dark side of beauty, envy, grief, and the complicated love between mothers and daughters. With black humor and seductive horror, Rouge explores the cult-like nature of the beauty industry—as well as the danger of internalizing its pitiless gaze. Brimming with California sunshine and blood-red rose petals, Rouge holds up a warped mirror to our relationship with mortality, our collective fixation with the surface, and the wondrous, deep longing that might lie beneath.

                        MY REVIEW 
        For as long as Belle can remember she has been hooked on skin care regimes and how to videos. When her mom dies in California she is out of her element figuring out all her mothers debts and trying to figure out her mother's unexplained death. Things go from bad to worse when a woman in red shows up at the funeral and offers Belle a chance of a lifetime. With the help of a pair of red shoes she enters a world where beauty is the only thing that is important and what below the surface isn't wanted.
  This is one those books that the characters are so varied and you want to hug them all. Belle is a girl who has been insecure her whole life . She felt that she wasn't good enough so she religiously took care of her skin and wanted that perfect glow. She falls under the spell of how a perfect woman should be. She is does come out the other side but is she better for it or will she find herself in the same boat as her mother and obsessed with the mirrors and watch her beauty fade as time goes by. 
  This is the first novel I have read from this author and from chapter one I was pulled into a world where beauty is everything and no one sees beyond that . The author really turns the beauty industry on its side. It shows how unrealistic the beauty industry is and what women would do to try and get that perfect look that is unattainable. This book is equal parts , horror, dark comedy and entertaining .Keeps you on the edge of your seat through out and you really start to feel for the main character. This author writes intelligent thought provoking stories and can't wait to read more from this author. Check it out it would be a great Halloween read 

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