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   Good Wednesday morning all , today we are going to review THE VAMPIRE'S LAST DANCE by Deanna Chase

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She’s a witch who carries a family curse, destined to never get her happily ever after. Felicia Patterson has come to terms with the fact that she’ll never get to be with her one true love… whoever he happens to be. But when the sexiest vampire she’s ever seen walks onto Witch Island, she can’t help her fluttering heart.

He’s a vampire who’s been burned before, destined to never love again. Christoph Parks has sworn off relationships. In the century that he’s walked the earth, he’s only known heartbreak and disappointment. But one smile from the island’s sassy florist has his icy heart melting. And now that the pair have been thrown together to save their loved ones’ wedding from imploding, can they also overcome a brutal curse, find a way to trust, and finally get the love that they deserve?
                         MY REVIEW   
 This is the first book in a new series . I was so excited to see that this author has written a new series and I couldn't wait to dive into it . Let me introduce you to Felicia Patterson a witch and a magical florist on Witch Island . Who has been cursed and is resigned to the fact that she will never ever find her true love . Until the day Christoph Parks walks into her shop and her life . Will they come together or will the family and the curse get in their way . 

   I truly liked this book , it is a different turn for this author .  She takes us on a fun filled ride . The characters are well written and you will fall in love with them . Felicia is such a fun character . She is a florist that loves her job and loves bringing happiness to the people that come to witch island to wed . But she is also sad and hiding her pain of the fact that she will never marry . When push comes to shove though she shows us what she is truly made of and what it takes to stop the attacks from happening . She ends up being a kick butt heroine.  Christoph is a hot sexy vampire who is a fix it guy . Trying to keep his best friend and his brothers wedding on the right path. He is sexy and confidant but also hiding some pain . He has been burned by love and doesn't want to find it again. As you read you see him through out the book relaxing and having a good time with the young florist . You see him slowly letting Felicia in. Together they are fun and sexy and will have you laughing all the way through the book 
   This is more of a novella length then the authors other books . I love novellas for a quick fun read, which this one is . The author takes us on a fun filled romp that will keep you reading all night long . There is a scene at the beginning of the book that had me spitting tea it was so funny. Now those would be the best bouquets for a bachelorette party ever . This is the lighter side for this author . It is funnier and lighter then her other books .  The only thing I wish it was just a little longer so we could see the love blossom more between Christoph and Felicia . Other then that I loved this book and can't wait for the rest of the books that will come out for this series . 

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