Wednesday, November 7, 2018


  Welcome to Wednesday all , today we have another new author for you to check out. Iuliana Foos and her book BLOODLINE , ORIGINS

                            BOOK BLURB 

Determined to turn her fantasy into reality, Ana starts her journey to become a vampire. Along the way, she learns the truth about their secret society, discovers her prestigious bloodline, and falls in love.

Not all vampires are accepting of humans and war looms in the shadows. An ancient tome reveals the vampires’ alien descent and sparks war.

An army bent on eradicating her coven’s existence threatens her new world. Survival or annihilation will be in Ana’s hands. 

                           MY REVIEW 
    What do you do when you just don't fit in anywhere . That is what is happening to Ana . She feels she doesn't fit in anywhere until the night she starts her journey in becoming a vampire . After running into two warring factions . When she meets prince Andree there is an instant spark . But like always there is danger on the horizon and will they survive the impending war . 
    This is an interesting book . The characters are well written and you will love them . Ana is such a sweet woman, who doesn't really feel like she belongs . Coming from an abusive relationship . She is wary and untrusting of everyone . As you read and get into the book you see her grow and she becomes really confident but also she has the feelings of not being good enough . When you meet Andree he comes off kind of cocky , like most princes are . I truly liked him, he truly loves and cares for Ana and wants to keep her safe . But knows not to mess with her when she is set her mind of something . They are great characters on their own but when they are together they are great . There are other characters that we find are good and not so good . That just keep wanting to keep the wars going . Ivan is the character that you will love to hate . You will either like him or hate him
    This is the first book for this author . She takes us on a rollercoaster ride . An original twist on the vampire lore, throwing in the alien aspect in the mix . We get to see a love story unfold before us also with Ana and Andree .  I must say it was a little slow at the beginning . It seemed to take awhile to get to Andree and Ana's story . Also the alien aspect did kind of threw me for a little bit . Over all I really enjoyed this story and the authors writing . So if you want a original twist on vampires check it out . 

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