Thursday, November 8, 2018


 Welcome to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve . Today we are going to review LOVE UNDER CONTRACT by Dean Hodel .

                             BOOK BLURB 

She never stopped loving him. Betrayal had hardened his heart. Can a chance encounter lead them back to true love?

Sadonna Alston has sacrificed her personal life for her nonprofit company, Quality Homes, that helps homeless families. Now a large company wants to acquire her. Sadonna is ready for the fight until their negotiator shows up on her door.

Michael Travers is the best acquisitions negotiator in the business.When his next assignment is to acquire the company owned by his first love, who betrayed him, the deal just got sweeter. As old feelings resurface, will Sadonna and Michael be able to forgive the past and fight for a future together?

Love Under Contract is a sweet romance, with a touch of mystery, and a dash of intrigue that will make you believe in a second chance to get it right.

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                    MY REVIEW 
    What would you do if your true love walked back into your life , trying to take over the non profit company that is your labour of love .You prepare for a fight . That is what Sadonna was doing . Until Michael walked into the room and then things were different . Will they be able to forgive the past and move on to the future . 
   The characters in this story are well written . Sadonna is a people pleaser through and through . We meet her as a young girl being put between her family and the boy she loves, who she dumps to be the parent towards her sister and brother . When we meet her latter on she is a strong independent woman , who in my opinion is still a people pleaser . She is doing everything for everyone else still  She is starting to put herself first though and won't let anyone step on her or her family . By the end of the book she has grown up and taken control. Michael has been through  a lot in his life , an alcoholic father ,being homeless . To becoming the best negotiator out there . When we see him , he seems bitter and still a little hot headed . As we see him with Sadonna we start to see a sweeter side of him . He grows up and realizes that he isn't the center of the world . My favourite character is Pop , he is a no nonsense man who knows Michael better then anyone . He is the rock in Michaels life and knows what he needs before Michael does . He is kind of like a guardian angel for the characters in this book always listening and giving good ideas. 
    This is a sweet second chance romance with a mystery and intrigue mixed in . The author takes us on a sweet ride ,that has some twists and turns . The characters are well written and the story spans a few years . There are a couple of spots that are a little slow but it doesn't take away from the book . Over all I really enjoyed this story of finding love again. If you want a sweet romance check it out you won't be disappointed 

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