Saturday, June 29, 2019


   Good Saturday all , its the long weekend Canada Day up here so I am going to be chilling and relaxing and reading . Today  I have a sexy cowboy book for you . HOWLER ( Jackson Investigation book one ) by A.J Storm

                            BOOK BLURB 

His name is Howler for a reason. A self-confident man of forty-three, he controls everything and everyone around him. Women trip over themselves to get the first smile from his lips.

A founder/owner of an investigative service that helps people in trouble, he finds himself in the heart of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The owner of the very successful Painted Horse Ranch is being vandalized with fires, broken fences, graffiti covered signs, and attempted horse theft.

When Howler’s boots hit the gravel road in front of the owner’s house, he knows he’ll lose his heart. Sadie is slightly older, a curvy, beautiful Choctaw who is as big a control freak as him.
Will she play, or will she fight until she runs him off?

                       MY REVIEW 
  When Sadie's ranch is being vandalized by unknown people . Howler shows up on her doorstep he is struck by the beautiful owner who is as much of a control freak as he is . Will they survive the men wanting to steal her land and her prized paint horses and most of all will they survive each other and keep their hearts entact . 

     This book has such great characters, Sadie and Howler are so complex and so well written . Sadie has been through a lot being the only girl in the family , she had to become hard and just as strong as the boys . Which in her life has helped her but also made her closed off to everyone . I truly loved her grit and deterimination to keep the ranch going . As you see her with Howler you see her fight and run like a scared filly but she starts to come around and you can see her start to fall in love. She softens up and becomes the woman that Howler can't stay away from . Howler well he is just is oh so alpha, he is strong , sexy and you will want to climb him like a spider monkey . There is a softer side to him that you see when you see him with Sadie and with the horses . I truly love how complex he is and he is lovable in a domineering sort of way . 
   There are such a variety of characters in this book and you will love each and everyone of them. Ben the hired hand is such a sweet old guy who is like a grandfather to everyone  The horses also play a big part in the book and for this horse girl is very satisfying . 
    I was so excited when I started reading this book and found out it was on a horse ranch and the horse ranch actually had paints on them . I am partial to paints so anything with a paint horse has my attention . The story is complex and takes us on a journey . The characters are also my age and the female character is actually 3 years older then the male . Which I love cause I can connect with them better then the young naive girl and the older man .  I like the tribal aspect of the story line , the author delves into the tribal aspect with a respect and reverence . I really loved this book and  you should check it out and put it on your summer reading challenge  

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