Friday, June 7, 2019


   Woohoo its the start of the weekend . Today we are going to review a graphic novel , I haven't done a comic in awhile so I decided it was time . SNOWMAN  by Mark Andrew Poe is up today.

                           BOOK BLURB 

  When mayor Kligore announces his plan to build the world’s largest snowman in the middle of town, the residents of Sleepy Hollow are thrilled! Media coverage will be epic, for sure, as the town constructs a perfect snow and ice replica of the Headless Horseman statue. Town revenue will skyrocket! What could possibly go wrong? Plenty! Harry Moon had his suspicions from the get-go. But when the massive snow sculpture springs to life and begins an evil rampage through town, it’s Mayor Kligore who asks Harry for help. It all comes down to a mano a mano battle between Harry and Sleepy Hollow’s newest villain, Lazarus. This is a battle Harry must win or Sleepy Hollow will be destroyed under the crushing hoofs of the Headless Horseman.

                          MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to Sleepy Hollow where there is magic everywhere . When the mayor announces the worlds largest snowman , the residents of town are thrilled . When the town makes a perfect replica of the headless horseman . Something is going to go awry as the massives snow sculpture comes to life and Harry Moon must figure out how it happened . Harry must battle Sleepy hollows newest villian Lazarus . Will Harry win or will Sleep Hollow be destroyed by the headless horseman . 

   The characters in this book are well written . The mayor is a bad guy who is in the graveyard trying spells at midnight . You know he is evil but you wish he could maybe be just a tiny bit more evil . Harry is a cool kid, who can work magic . He is a good kid and wants to do good and keep Sleepy Hollow safe  The characters are cute and you will really like them and cheer for them . 

    They call this a graphic novel but i call it more a comic. It is great for your middle school kids its not that scary . The drawings are great and the author takes us on an adventure through the streets of Sleepy Hollow. It is a cute twist on the legend of Sleepy Hollow .  This would be a great addition to your kids reading challenge this summer . Check it out 

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