Wednesday, July 1, 2020


 Good Wednesday all and HAPPY CANANDA DAY  to all my friends . Today I have the first book in a brand new series by Robbie Cox . Lets dive into  DEATH'S SHROUD .

                            BOOK BLURB 

    Death stalks the dreams of the residents of Harbor City, and bodies are piling up.
Laci Valentine is done. Done with magic. Done with the Cauldron Coven. Done with the people around her dying. She is through being a witch. Then, Nazareth Xavier appears with a message from Hekate, Goddess of the Underworld.
The Cauldron Coven is shattered. Two members are dead, two have walked away, and three are heartbroken over everything that happened over the last month. Tansy Paxton fears it's the end of her small coven when a young witch, Sherri Rockford, enters The Murky Cauldron. Hope fills Tansy until things begin to feel a little too familiar. Has another demon entered the Land Above? Or is Sherri just a witch on the wrong path?

                      MY REVIEW 
   When Death starts stalking the dreams of a small town of Harbor City m the bodies are piling up . Laci is done with everything , magic, her coven and the people she know dying ,  When Nazareth Xavier comes into the picture with a message from the Goddess of the underworld Hekate .   While Tansy is shattered because her coven has fallen apart when a stranger walks into her life . Will things ever be the same again, 

This series is a spin off from the Warrior of the Way series , The characters are well written and complex . Laci is a sweet woman but she is so tired of the bad that is happening in her life . Tired of the death and magic . She is more then she seems to be and Nazareth comes and gives her destiny . Tansy is a strong girl but she is also fragile in a way .  She grows as you read the story . There are so many diverse characters that will have you reading through out the night . 

 This is one of those books that will have you sucked in and on the edge of your seat most of the way through . The author has a way of making you really care for the characters and get invested in their problems . You will cheer for them and cry with them when they hurt. There are also moments where you want to wrap them up in a warm blanket and keep them safe . There were moments in the book where you will really want to shake the author and yell at him to stop putting the main characters through all the pain. Give them some happiness man they deserve it .  I will admit though when I started this book I was confused in the first three chapters but once I hit chapter four it all started to come together . Over all i really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next installment . Grab this book for the beach reading . 

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