Tuesday, May 16, 2023


 Good morning my peeps, yes today is day two in my three days of books . Today's book is a brand new series by Hp Mallory the first book in the Midlife Mysteries series A GHOSTLY GUARDIAN. 

                            BOOK BLURB 

  London, 1880

I’ve returned to London with my proverbial tail between my legs.
After the death of my beloved husband, I took my broken heart and retreated to Paris, where I’ve been living for the last year.
But finally deciding I need to face the ghosts of my past, I’ve returned.
And now find myself sitting in a jail cell in Scotland Yard, the precinct of the London police.
I’ve been accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Really, there’s no mystery there—I’m guilty and I’ve admitted as much.
But I’m only guilty of taking back something which was already mine to begin with.
I can only hope Inspector Grant Stirling, a man as unfriendly as he is tall, dark and handsome, will believe me when I tell him he’s punishing the wrong person.
I’m not sure if it makes matters better or worse that my deceased husband, Patrick, was not only Inspector Stirling’s closest friend, but also his supervisor.
Regardless, Patrick has returned from the dead to help me clear my name...

The last thing I expected to see is the beautiful widow Fairfax sitting in one of my holding cells.
Fiery, independent and determined, I can understand what drew Patrick to her.
She’s also an American heiress to a vast fortune, something which calls into question exactly why she’d steal a necklace.
I want to believe she isn’t guilty and I feel it my personal responsibility to make sure the reputation of my closest friend’s widow isn’t soiled.
Yet I can’t help but wonder if Philippa isn’t all she seems and, furthermore, if she had something to do with Patrick’s death.
Too bad (perhaps for both of us) that I need her help to gain entrance into the upper echelons of society, where a much bigger mystery is just taking shape…

                     MY REVIEW
 Phillipa is having the worst day ever after being arrested and put in the holding cell . Lady Fairfax is arrested for theft of her own necklace by her stepson, Philippa just wants out but her stepson isn't having it and when she is questioned by Mr Stirling , her dead husband's friend and work friend .Grant knows that Philippa wouldn't steal but you never know and he knows she is hiding something but what . There is a far bigger case coming their way that they will need each other to figure it out . 

  Ok ok I know these two characters are from 1880 London but they are crazy for them . Philippa is and heiress and is a fashionista of the day. People looked to her to see what all fashionable ladies will be wearing for the season. She is very independent and has a feisty attitude to most things. But, she is hiding a secret of what she can do, she can see dead people . Grant Stirling is a debonair, brooding man who is kind of dumbfounded by Philippa and can't put a finger on what she can do . He wants to make it right and needs her to figure out a bigger mystery. There is more going on between these two. I would love to see how things go between them as the story continues, 

  This is a new series for this author and I am glad for it . I really liked how the author has placed her story in the 1880's . The characters are fun and the story line I think will be fun to read. This is a short, fast read and the characters are well written . As the story grows I can see the characters becoming very complex. Check it out you will not be disappointed . 

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