Thursday, July 27, 2023


   Good morning my peeps, hope your day is going swimmingly and you are having a fantastic summer so far. Its half over and there are still plenty of books to get you through the long lazy days of August. Today I have for you the third book in the The Black Book series, BLOOD VOWS by Theresa Sederholt. 

                         BOOK BLURB

 Self-destruction is ingrained into human nature. Each person carries the ability to cause their own extinction in all facets of life. Intervention rarely changes anything because one thing is clear…no matter how hard we try to set someone on a new path, their choices will always belong to them.

Save her best friend’s life again or save the cousin she never knew she had. That is the dubious decision Michelina faces. She never imagined she’d turn out more like Carmine, the grandfather she hardly knew. He was ruthless, which was reflected in the hoard of enemies that followed him. The blood on her hands won’t wash away easily as Michelina gathers her strength to become the head of the Amato family.

The contention between family members begins to fester, as her stepbrother’s plans for Carmine’s legacy puts not only Michelina’s life in jeopardy, but also the life of her closest friend.

                    MY REVIEW 
   Michelina has come a long way but to save her best friend she will have to dig deep to do the right thing. She never though that she could be like her father she never knew, but when it comes to her best friend she will go to the ends of the earth to find her and get her back. As she comes to terms of what it means to become the head of the Amato family, she realizes the blood won't wash off that easily. As things start to come together and tempers start to flare. Her stepbrother has not so good plans for the family and lives are put jeopardy. Will Michelina be able to rise up and get those who want to hurt her and take on the heads of the family. 

  Michelina and the family are back and wow what a transformation they take on. Michelina is really coming into her own in this book. I thought that she was very naive in the first two books but I was blown away in this book. She really gets a back bone and becomes such a force to be reconned with. She will do anything including murder to get her best friend back from the slimy stepbrother. She does have her sweet moments but we do get to see her transformation into the leader of the family. Luca well he is still wanting to protect but he is also having to come to terms with the fact he is part of the family and is torn between the FBI and his loyalty of being the son of a crime boss.  Agosta is coming to terms that he has to make a decision about not be relevant anymore , he knows deep down inside it is time for a change but he still wants to be helpful to his family. Ok now the character I really want to talk about . Jess, I now understand the way she is . We find out what happened in her past that made me want to hug her and tell her that everything will be ok. She has hidden a dark past that made her the way she is. Michelina and Jess are more like sisters with what what on in Jess's past and the dark secret that they share. You really start to care and love these characters with each new book. 

  This is the third book in the series and I will say it is a little darker then the other two. The author takes through some dark pasts to bring us to why the character acts the way they do. The story is intense and you will get sucked in big time. I am really starting to love this series and really enjoyed reading . We do get some romance but we also ger a lot of edge of your seat action. Yes it does end in a cliffhanger but the next book comes out pretty fast so you won't have to wait too long . So if you like a mafia story with a twist check out this series . It would be a great series for the weekend at the lake . You could read all three books in a weekend. Check them out 

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