Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Good day everyone . hope you are all having a great week and staying warm. Today we are reviewing  a great new book by Patti Larsen. GIRL INCREDIBLE (Kit Maclean book 1)

                       BOOK BLURB
Her CIA bosses think she’s the bomb. Kitalia Ore is positive of that fact.

Okay, fine. Kitten MacLean. And they’re her parents, but it’s so much more fun to imagine them the other way around. And J.J., her MI6 contact? He’s in love with her. Doesn’t matter that her closest confidant, Jimmy Jones, hasn’t spoken a word to her since first grade.

Everyone at school adores her, too. Sure, they might not know it yet, but every single student at Rimtree High is her best friend. Naturally.

She’s just that incredible.

When a new girl is being bullied, it’s time for Kit MacLean to take charge and leave her fantasy world of fearless bravado and easy victories behind. The world outside her CIA missions is far different than she’s used to, and her usual happy-go lucky heart is about to take the beating of a lifetime. But Kit has never backed down from anything in her life and she’s not about to start now.

Time to find out what she’s really made of. Before the bad guys ruin everything.

                            MY REVIEW
First off I have to say I love Patti Larsen. She has taken me places where I never knew I would go. Yes she has done it again with Kit . Kit is a spunky high school girl and she also is brilliant. When thing go wrong she goes to her fantasy world of Kitalia a CIA operative with a physic ability. When she stumbles upon a mystery at school . Will she come out of her fantasy world and not back down from the arch enemy. Well don't count Kit out she may surprise you .
 I fell in love with Kit from the very first page. I think that she is a combination on a little bit of everyone. I know I connected with her on so many levels . She is a very bright girl and wants to be everything to everyone . To the point that she blocks out the fact that she was bullied and built up a dream world around it. Her character is brilliantly written. She takes on a life of her own. As she works her way through. The other cast of characters are brilliant. We have the bully that well honestly isn't the bully . The evil genius , which I actually felt sorry for cause well you always feel sorry for their upbringing.  The best friend that hasn't actually talked to Kit since kindergarten.  But deep down you know he really likes her but is too scared to say anything . They all will get into your heart and live there while you read this book. They will also stick with you afterwards.

  I will tell you now that this book talks about bullying and trust me its on a grand scale . About half the school is being bullied. Patti takes us on an adventure through one girl's school year and the trials she goes through.  This isn't your old school bullying that is being written about in this book, there is peer pressure to drink and there is the date rape drug in this book . Patti handles it all with a dignity. She doesn't skirt the issue but she writes it and gives it the credit it does deserve , because it is out there and it is in the school.  Patti mixes the fantasy world of Kita and her real world together nicely. You do actual think she was a spy at the beginning 
So if you want a book that is totally different then Patti's other books check out Girl Incredible. You wont be disappointed and I would gift this book to all my young nieces. Also to all my friends with preteen and teenage girls. So check it out

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