Monday, February 16, 2015


Good Monday morning everyone . Hope you all had a great Valentine's day weekend. I did read a great book A WOMAN'S PLEASURE by J.F Kelly. Who cares about fifty shades when I had this book to read .

                            BOOK BLURB
Follow the sizzling hot, yet romantic and sensually sexual adventures of twenty-five very different men as they encounter their first sexual, most erotic, and most sensual experiences in satisfying the desires of women in A Woman's Pleasure.
The erotic adventures of A Woman's Pleasure will carry readers to a new, heightened state of sexual awareness. Each of the many sexual experiences is surrounded by an aura of romance, respect, and mutuality, where both women and men experience total pleasure and complete satisfaction.

Making love is not something you do to someone--it's something you share. Women should be equal players in the sexual encounter. They express their sexuality as intensely as men and should also participate as much as men do in driving the lovemaking experience.

The real-life sensual, sexual, and lovemaking interactions in these stories will empower women to seek sexual fulfillment and show men how to make love so that women will achieve sexual satisfaction.

Men will discover how to give sensual, sexual pleasure to their women and understand that by giving pleasure, they will receive pleasure--which is something that can't be learned from watching porn.

At times, these stories make you blush; other times, they'll leave your heart--and other body parts--throbbing. They are sure to stimulate your senses, stir your thoughts, and inspire your fantasies. More importantly, men and women alike will realize what it means to make love and feel unparalleled pleasure.

This book will help men and women redefine their lovemaking and sexual expression with each other. No matter what age or stage their relationship is at, they can transform their interaction from "what was" and "what is" to "what can be."

There are no fetishes, kinkiness, or control issues involved--but plenty of romance, love, and caring to enjoy foreplay, satisfaction, and afterglow. 

                                MY REVIEW
    Ok I know everyone went to see the movies this weekend . I stayed home and read a really great book that took me on a ride that I never thought I would go on. This was a caring loving look at the relationships between men and the women they love.
   In the book the author writes about 25 real men, yes dare I say real men.  They take us through the sexual pleasures with the women in their lives .
  The author writes with such an honesty. I mean imagine a population that have been so saturated with sexual images that we can be numbed by it all. I mean how do most men learn about sex is either from hearing about it in the locker room or from watching porn. So that teaches them that it is for their pleasure alone. Which is so one sided . I can now understand as we as woman are always too tired or have a headache. Because we just don't want to feel unfulfilled when done. These men have taken the art of love making to the next level. They take their time , making sure that their partner is fully satisfied. Sigh, these are the real men that are in every romance book we have read. They are honest and loving men that will blow your socks off .
   The book is written in interview form which I think is an added touch. It also dives into some hot fantasies of what both men and woman really want. It also gives us some very valuable information. Like it takes women up to 5 times longer to orgasm then it does a man. It also teaches us that mutual pleasure is the best for both parties . This would be a great book for any young man to read and for couples to read together.  Trust me on this one ladies my hubby reaped the benefits from me reading this book. So if you want a book that will turn you on in the right ways and help out the man in your life , check out the guys of A WOMAN'S PLEASURE . Trust me you won't be disappointed


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