Monday, February 18, 2019


 Good Monday all , happy family day in my neck of the woods and happy president's day for those who celebrate . Hope you guys have a great day off . I have a good book for your reading pleasure today .  MARIBELS DECADENT MINATURES  by Theresa Sederholt .

                            BOOK BLURB

He is determined to save his business; she is determined to protect her heart.

My name is Rayden Cornell and I have been drifting through life, trying to find that magical passion that helps life make sense. Until recently, life meant living in my parent’s basement. A chance to go to culinary college led me to where I am today—on my way to becoming a very successful businessman. I want to emphasize the phrase “on my way” because everything was going great until I opened the mail one fateful day.

I’m Dani Bernard, medium and counselor to young girls who have the same talent as I do. Living in Mescalero, New Mexico is the perfect place for me as I try to heal my shattered soul. I thought I was doing pretty well until I saw the image of my sister being used as the face for some guy’s pastry business. In a moment of despair, I reacted. I probably should have thought twice about sending the letter, but it was already on its way before I could take it back. The one thing I never expected was that the letter would change my life the way it did.

Success and tragedy meet and two hearts will have to decide what the future will hold for them.

                           MY REVIEW
 Welcome to Mescalero New Mexico , where Rayden Cornell ends up to get the rights to a photo that he has purchased to promote his on line baking store Maribel's Decadent Miniatures. When he and his best friend come in contact with Dani Bernard things start to change . When Elan has a reaction to the town and Dani he must try and remember his past Rayden needs to come to terms with something that has never happened to him before . Falling in love with Dani .  Will everyone be able to over come the past and have the happily ever after that each of them deserve. 
    When I sat down to read this book I was hoping I would like the characters . I really did love these characters . Rayden is kind of a as they call him in the book a Ralph Kramden . If things didn't take off in 6 months he was on to the next thing . He was kind of a drifter still living at home in his parents basement . Until the day he decides to grow up and take a chance . There were a few times you really just wanted to slap him upside the head cause he was just being a dork .  Overall he is actually a lovable guy that you will love to hang out with him .  Elan is Rayden's best friend and he is the for a lack of a better word the angel on Rayden's shoulder , he keeps Rayden on the straight and narrow sometimes . He is a sweet but there is a sadness to him that when he gets to Dani has memories rush back and he realizes that there is more to him then his parents have told him . I really like Elan he is a complicated man and so want to find out more at him. Dani is a sweet woman who has been through so much in her life and she just wants to help young girls that are special like she is When you find out she is a medium and her two best friends are werewolves . She is also very strong and independent . 
        This is a short read that you will be able to read in an afternoon . The characters are well written and you will love the twists and turns that that author throws in . The only thing I wish was the book was a little longer and the author dived into the stories of Elan and the gang just a little bit more . I really was getting invested in the characters and I really wanted to know more about their past .  Especially Elan and Dani, I think they would have such a great past to get into more . I really hope that the author writes more using these characters .Overall I truly enjoyed this book and loved the way the author did the paranormal aspect of the characters . So if you want a really good read for an afternoon check it out you will not be disappointed

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