Monday, February 4, 2019


   Good Monday all, I hope you all survived the weekend and if you got snow you stayed warm inside . Today we are going to review the last book in the Roadhouse Chronicles book 3 . DEAD MAN'S NUMBER by Matthew S Cox .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Safety is at best a relative thing in 2073, fifty-one years after nuclear war scorched the world.

Kevin found a quiet little place to hole up with the woman who came to mean more to him than his lifelong dream, and a little girl she took in after the Virus wiped out her home. They’re well defended against bandits, raiders, and the occasional stray Infected.

But walls don’t face the sky, and all the guns in what’s left of the world won’t do a thing against a biological weapon dropped from an Enclave drone.

A message from a dead man disturbs this tenuous peace with a chance to stop the Virus for good, but it would send them right to the Enclave’s back yard. Tris can’t say no, and Kevin refuses to leave her side again, but they won’t bring a child along for such a dangerous ride.

Knowing it’s not only their lives, but the lives of everyone outside the Enclave at stake, they decide to hit the road once again, hoping their home―and their daughter―will still be there when they return.

                        MY REVIEW 
     After finding a quiet place to stay Kevin, Tris and Abby are truly living a good life . With people that are starting to mean a lot to them . They are doing well until the day a message comes to Tris and sends them on a mission to end the virus for good . Kevin and Tris are heading into the lions den . Will they get back to Abby and will they end the virus for good . Or will they finally end up becoming one of the infected . 
    I will say that the characters have truly evolved and you will absolutely love Tris and Kevin in this book. Tris is well she has become even more kick butt . You see a side of her that is a loving mother with Abby but then when it comes to fighting she will kick your butt.  The biggest growth is from Kevin , we go from seeing him as a loner in the first book to a family man who is in love with Tris and will do what ever needs to be done to keep Abby safe and secure . He is the one that has grown up the most and honestly has the most to loose if things go bad. We get to finally meet the evil Nathan and I honestly cheered when he got what was coming to him . Abby, I just wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and hold her tight and tell her everything is going to be ok. I have a feeling that she was suffering some PTSD in this book. She couldn't help but worry about what was going to happen. She didn't want to die and needed the love to help her through. You will love her and want to keep her safe. 
    This was a bittersweet story , it is the last book in the series and I so didn't want the series to end . The author weaved a story that will keep you reading all day long . The author has expanded the world the characters are in . Adding even more obstacles for them to conquer . There is such an intensity with these books , even though the author is ending the series he doesn't stop the action through out the book. You can see the characters have changed and grown and want the virus to stop . They want to survive  and just live . The ending will have you cheering and also you might throw your kindle a couple of times . Over all you will read a story that will have you turning pages all night long . So if you want a really good dystopian story that has a really different twist on the zombies and have a story with a happy ever after and a hope for the future this is the series for you . 

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