Monday, May 25, 2020


  Good day all it is Monday and week 11 of self isolation. I hope you are all being safe and secure . Today I have book eight in the Lily Harper series by HP Mallory . MARK OF THE BEAST .

                           BOOK BLURB 

In the eighth book in the Lily Harper series, Lily will find herself taking on much bigger enemies than just Alaire. There's talk of the return of the biggest bad in the Underground City, The Forsaken, who happens to be frozen in the 9th level.

As she puts the puzzle pieces together, Lily begins to realize Alaire is scared of something... and whatever that something is, it's got to be bad because it has Alaire in a panic. As such, he's after Lily's help. And so is Afterlife Enterprises...

Throw in the strange and sexual connection Lily has with the Minotaur, a connection that's rumored to go way back, and she's in for a bumpy ride...

Urban Fantasy
Epic Fantasy Romance
Paranormal Romance

                     MY REVIEW 
  In the eight book in the series we find Lily  up against Alaire and an even bigger badder evil that is coming, The Forsaken . Alaire is scared and when Alaire is scared you should be scared . He is after her help along with the After life  Enterprises . What is a girl and the two men in her lifes suppose to do .  There is also this strange connection iwth a Minotaur that has everyone baffled but he is connected to her from way back in time . Now she has Tallis and Bill trying to find her . Will they all survive and will they figure out how her powers come into play and why she is changing every day. 

   The gang is back and better then ever . Tallis is still the oh so sexy bladessmith that can melt you panities with just a word of his scottish brogue . Bill the funny guardian angel that seems to get into more trouble sometimes  Lily is as feisty as ever but there are things weighing heavy on her mind and worries about her mother, She is a little darker this time around . She wants to figure out what is happening but doesn't want anyone that is involved with her to get hurt . We get to see Lily doubt herself in this book, its something that we never saw before.  We really get to see Asterion in this book . He is the minotaur that has a connection with Lily that goes way back . Let me tell you he is oh so sexy as well and man if Tallis doesn't do it for you he will . He is strong and built for battle and you want him on your side .  You will love these characters so much they just keep getting better with each book tha is written . 

    This series is another one of my favourites , this author can make you laugh and cry within pages of each other. There are so many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat most of the way through . There is some great intrigue and lots of steam that will have you turning pages. There is so much that goes on and I know see how the author is starting to tie things together and tighten up the story taking it to the big battle that we know that is coming . I can't wait to see what happens to everyone and what will happen to Lily . This is a series that you kind of need to read from the start but if you start you will not be disappointed.. This would be a great summer read in the hammock so check them out . 

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