Friday, February 26, 2021


   Good morning all , we made it to Friday woooohoooo . Today I have for you the second book in the Poppy's Potions series . FAIRIE ENCHANTMENT  by HP Mallory and JR Rain. 

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 After spending a couple of months in the quaint town of Haven Hollow, Oregon, I’m settling in and things are looking up.

My shop, Poppy’s Potions, is successful, I’ve got a best friend in ghost-hunter, Marty Zach and I’m dating the local Sasquatch, Roy Osbourne. My eleven year old son, Finn, is doing well in school and everything seems to be blue skies and golden sunshine.

Until my resident ghost, Darla, shatters a vial of Mystic Veil, a powerful potion that opens the door to the Astral Plane, inviting a migratory ghost, the Todhchaí, into Haven Hollow.

It’s not soon after that two centaur girls go missing, followed by a werewolf boy. And by missing, I mean it’s as if the air simply swallowed them, because there’s no trace of the children anywhere.

That’s when Fox Aspen, monster hunter, appears in Haven Hollow. With the story that he’s meant to apprehend the Todhchaí, Fox introduces me to the world of the fae and some very unsavory characters.

Meanwhile, the local monster council won’t do anything about the missing children, so I take matters into my own hands, never imagining how personal this case is about to become…

                       MY REVIEW 
   Poppy and the gang are back and settling into life at Haven Hollow.  Poppy's shop is doing well and she is dating a hot Sasquatch . But when magical children start to go missing and a mysterious man appears, Fox Aspen a monster hunter . Poppy takes matters into her own hands and learns all she can about the fairy realm and the unsavory characters that live there . Will she be able to save the children including her son when no one else wants to help. 

  This is the second book in the series and we get to Poppy work her magic yet again . She is living her life to the best she can . She is actually is growing in her gypsy magic and she is getting stronger . She is having some issues with the men in her life. Wanda is also on her mind and she is worried about so much . When push comes to shove she comes out swinging and will do whatever it takes to fight for those she loves .  We also get to meet her two crazy uncles and a brand new guy Fox who is one of those mysterious characters . You don't know if you should like him or not.  The rest of the gang is back and you will love them all . 

   This is the second book in the series is such a fun read .  The authors have such a fun way of putting the characters into such interesting situations . I am loving the characters with each story they are becoming more complex  and we get to see them go through so much . I truly love the writing styles of these two authors they have a way of making you fall in love with them .  I got sucked in by the end of chapter one and couldn't put it down . So if you want a fun read that will have you laughing through out . Check out this series i suggest you start out with the first book and then dive into this one . You won't be disappointed . 

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