Thursday, July 28, 2022


  Good morning everyone, it is day two of reader round up and today I have a reverse harem book for you .  VEGA  Stargazers Prophecy by K. R Hall 

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  A prophecy says when the star, Vega, returns to the North Pole, a Starlight will fall. The fall will bring an end to the centuries-long war between the wolves and vampires. This is said to unite the wolves and vampires with peace forever.

This can only come about once the Starlight, Vega, mates with her true mates.

My story will begin with Vega’s true mates Sirius and Sterling (twins) as her Alpha wolves and her sinister vampire mates Zeke and Tarak (cousins); they work together at an observatory as it is the best place they have found so they can always watch for their own fallen star. They look to the sky, just watching and waiting for their one true mate. They know they will have to move fast to get their fallen star lover before The Umbar.

Can they find their love and form their unbreakable bond? Or will fate work against them to miss their one true shot at happiness?

                   MY REVIEW 
 Vega is  a star that is waiting to fall to find her true mates. This prophecy will end the war between the  vampires and the were wolves uniting them after centuries of war. Sirius , Sterling Zeke and Tarak have been waiting for their fallen star . Will she come and will they find her before the Umbar find her. Will they be able to find her before it is too late or will they miss their one chance at true happiness . 

  What can I say we have wolves and vampires and a fallen star . Sirius and Sterling are alpha twins who are also wolf shifters . They are well they are sexy as wolves are and protective . Zeke and Tarak are cousins and also vampires who well can be brooding and dark . They are all strong and oh sexy . They are total opposites to each other but when they are together they all work well . Vega well she is basically a naive child when we first meet her and she does grow but there are moments where she is just too sweet . She needs to toughen up . I kind of found her to be a little boring at moments in the book . Oh don't get me wrong the characters are well written but I think the author could of made them more complex as they went through the story . 

  This is a new twist on a reverse harem and it is a good story line . The author took us on an adventure . The characters are well written and you will like them . I did find myself drifting a bit at the start of the book but I did get into the story by the end of chapter 2. Over all I truly enjoyed this book and loved the premise of the story . So if you want a good story with sexy vampires and alpha wolf shifters and a fallen star check it out . 

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