Thursday, July 28, 2016


  Good Thursday morning everyone . Yes I am back I took some time off to get caught up on all the reading I have to do . One of the books I was dying to get finished THE SANDRIAN CHRONICLES
WRITTEN IN BLOOD by Keith Montgomery.

                           BOOK BLURB

Two hunters pursue the same prey.
Fate has forged the slayer, Trey Thomas and the Sandrian vampire, Adalius, two natural enemies, into an uneasy alliance against an evil more powerful than either have ever faced. Only together do they stand a chance of defeating Anna; if they don’t destroy each other first. As they pursue Anna, the apprehensive Lycan watch as a confrontation looms on the horizon between vampires, the New Bloods and the Old Guard, which threatens to plunge the vampire world into civil war and trigger an all-out supernatural conflict which in the end could destroy them all.

                          MY REVIEW
  I started reading this book with no prejudice against vampires and lycans . There are so many books out there what could be new about this book . Well when I started this book I was instantly sucked in and damn I couldn't put the book down I was so drawn to the story line and the characters. The author takes two super naturals that are suppose to hate each other and put them together to go after one that is so evil it will take them all to kill her.
  This book is so well written it read like a movie . The characters are so well written and complex . You just want to make sure they are alive and kicking in the end . Adalius is a vampire with a gift, he can walk in the daylight and has a heartbeat . They call him a Sandrian and he is an enforcer that is bent on revenge against Anna. You can see that he is in so much pain from what Anna has done to him and his family. He is such a strong alpha male that is all business and doesn't want anyone or anything to get in his way . Anna is down right evil, she is so well written sexy and alluring but oh so deadly.  She is a true vampire in all the evil sense. She wants to take over the world basically and will do anything to make it happen . She and Adalius have a past together which adds even more tension to the mix . It feels like they love to hate each other and Anna is willing to do anything to make sure Adalius isn't happy in his life .
  Then there are the hunters/slayers . Trey and the gang are all human but it seems like they are super heroes in the way they are . They team up with Adalius and his brother to help take down Anna
There are so many great characters in this book too many to mention. But they all work into the story very well . I must say when I was reading these characters I had actors already lined up for the movie version.
  This is one action packed book  you will not be disappointed at all . The characters will come alive for you and there are so many twists and turns that will keep your reading well past you bed time. There were a few night where I was reading well past my bedtime . I must say if you like the UNDERWORLD movies you will love this book . This is a great addition to the Vampire and Lycan genre and no these Vampires don't sparkle, they will kick your ass.  I will say it is a long book but you won't realize it . So if you want a great book that will have you reading well past your bedtime and suffering a book hangover the next day . Check out the SANDRIAN CHRONICLES by Keith Montgomery.

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