Wednesday, June 28, 2017


   Good Wednesday all , hope your week is going good . Today we are going to review IMPERFECT CROSSROADS  by Marina O' Brix

                            BOOK BLURB 

It has been six years now since Sabrina’s father has gone missing. “He is missing out on everything, where could he have gone?” Searching for answers, Sabrina wonders if she will ever reconnect with her mother. Can she hold onto what is so dear to her… her family unit? Can Debra ever love her like she loves Shelby? Can she find someone to love her? Can her life just be normal for once? Can she shine brighter than the darkness?

                          MY REVIEW 
    This is the second book in The Drive Series . I got this book and sat down to read . The book took me right in the middle of Sabrina's life . Her father has gone missing for 6 yrs and her life has not been idealistic . Her step mom Debra hates her and treats her like a slave . It seems like she can't do anything right in Debra's eyes . Shelby is the daughter that is loved by Debra. Sabrina is on the hunt for answers and while hunting for answers she finds her mom and starts to rebuild her relationship with her. On the way she finds out that she is special . With the help of her friends and family . She will shine in the darkness and come out the other side happier . 
       The characters in this book are very well developed . Sabrina is the main character and man she goes on such a journey . She has so many trials as she tries to pull her life together. She tries to do the right thing by her family but the pain and terror is just too much for her . You watch her grow and become more independent as the story evolves . She becomes a strong young woman who will fight for anyone and everyone she loves .  
  The other cast members are a menagerie of good and bad . Debra is one of those characters that you really love to hate . She is so mean and you really just want to slap her upside the head for the way she treats Sabrina . Trust me I kind of cheered when she got what was coming to her.  
Sybil is the supposed best friend but I found her to be a self indulgent spoiled brat . who  wants all the attention for herself . She seems not to want Sabrina to succeed at anything . I kind of wanted to give her a good spanking . She does break Sabrina's heart .
  The rest of the characters are such a good diversity from her aunt and uncle to her mother. Also all the people that she meets and helps her along the way
      This book was a fast read for me . I sat down and started reading . The book takes you on a journey where you find out who your friends are and what you are willing to do to find the love and family that you have been craving your life . There are just a couple of things that could be just a little bit more . The reconnection with her mother , I think that there should just be a little bit of not getting along . I mean she did leave Sabrina . Also when her father came home there was some discord but I think it should of been just a little bit more . Other then that the book read well and flowed good . The characters will grab you and suck you in . You will cheer and shed a tear for Sabrina . You will love her and hate some of the other characters . So if you want an enjoyable read to add to your reading list this summer check it out .