Tuesday, June 13, 2017


 Today is a good day , looks like we will finally hopefully be getting some rain . Also it is release day for Cathy  Jackson and her new book  YOURS FOREVER (yours to ...... book 3)

                         BOOK BLURB

Maximillian Roselle needs Ruthie Eden like he needs air to breathe. Her compassion, passion, and faith have awakened his desire to love and be loved; and the attention she has received from his colleague, Ken Davis, has galvanized his determination to make her his own.

Ken knows a good thing when he sees it, so when his friend Max struggled with his relationship with Ruthie, he stepped in to give Max a push. Now he lends his friendship to bolster and encourage Max's faith in God and Ruthie.

Ruthie Eden enjoyed being single. She busied herself with her interests and her writing and hadn't seriously thought about sharing her life with anyone—until she met the Roselle family. With her heart open to be loved, the attention of other men has her head spinning.

Enter Jace Nelson, brought in to collaborate on Max and Ken's new video project. Charming and roguish, he has less-than-honorable intentions toward Ruthie. He takes this enterprise as an oppurtunity to turn Ruthie's head and change her heart, and doesn't care what claim anyone else might have.

                          MY REVIEW 
      This is the third book in the YOURS TO series and what a great way to wrap up the series . Ruthie and Max are happily falling in love and slowly becoming a family with his children.  But with all the sunshine and happiness there is also a little rain. When a smooth talking man enters their lives . Will Max loose Ruthie when Jace tries to sway her heart . 
    This was an enjoyable book it brings books 1 and 2 together nicely . We see the couple growing and falling in love with each other. It seems to be a whirlwind kind of courtship but when hearts are involved they usually work fast and know what they want. Max and Ruthie have grown a lot since book 2 . Max is becoming the man that Ruthie wants and needs but there is still that nagging fear that he has and sometimes he still pushes her away. He is becoming a good man and a strong man knowing what he wants . Ruthie is still naïve but she seems to be coming a stronger character and more of the woman that everyone wants .  But like most women when someone says something that makes her doubt herself , she starts to doubt the love of Max and her love for him .  Ken is back in book three and he is really becoming Max's best friend and a help to Ruthie . He is like the older brother that sees what is going on and approves . Then going about and giving them a little shove in the right direction. He is also very protective of both Max an Ruthie and wants to see them together .  We also get to dive deeper into Ruthie's past and why her mom treated her the way she did . Trust me when you get to that part have a box of tissue ready . You will cry and want to hug both of them tightly .  Now the man that everyone will dislike Jace, he is the cocky you tuber coming in to help on a project . You automatically get the dislike vibe from him and you don't know why at first . Then when he does what he does to make Ruthie doubt herself and her love for Max . You really just want to punch him in the face . You will cheer when you see it actually happen .  The characters have matured and become more complex in this story. You will love them and how much they have grown. 
    This book was a very enjoyable read . I really liked this series , the author makes us really feel something for her characters and fall in love with them . There are just a couple of things I wish we could of seen . More out in the world interaction as a family , they seem to at the house and don't get out much. Also I wish they would of went with Ruthie to her church . It would be great to see them in that situation . Meeting Ruthie's friends and church family.  Other then those two things I really enjoyed this book and this series . The characters are great and the story will pull at your heart strings and make you smile and cry and then smile again . So if you want a good series that is an enjoyable easy clean read that will make you happy . Check out the YOURS FOREVER and the whole YOURS TO series . You will not be disappointed . 


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