Wednesday, August 29, 2018

 Wow Wednesday already , happy hump day everyone . Today we are going to review the second book in THE ETERNITY SERIES  . I JAMES by Mike Hartner 

                            BOOK BLURB 

He’s fighting for his life. She’s a spitfire in disguise. Can they break their bonds to find love on the high seas?

James Crofter had a happy life until his uncle kidnapped him at age 11. Forced into slavery, James has no choice but to make allies who will stop at nothing to help him escape… if the opportunity ever comes. When he finally wins his freedom, he never expected to find something more important than breaking free.
Rosalind was taken from her family at a young age. She escaped the hands of a cruel master by disguising herself as a boy. Now the cook aboard a ship, she meets a kindred spirit in James.
Can the former slaves overcome their difficult pasts to create a bright future?
I, James is the second installment in the Eternity Series, a saga of standalone seafaring adventures. If you like coming-of-age tales, clean romance, and strong male and female characters, then you’ll love Mike Hartner’s latest historical novel.

Buy I, James to be captured by the high seas today!

                         MY REVIEW 
 Welcome back to the see . James Crofter was having a great life until the day came that his uncle came and stole him from his family. He sold young James into a life of being a slave . Living years as a slave he has made allies that when the time comes will help him . 
Rosalind is a sweet young girl who was stolen away from her family . She hides from the cruel master the is out to hurt her by dressing like a boy ,  When she meets James she knows that they are kindred spirits and they hope to build a future together . 
  The second book is just as good as the first book . James is such a good character . He is a character that you will love reading . He was a loving kid and when he was put into slavery you see his character really grow and become stronger . He is a strong moral compass . He is sweet and kind and you will fall in love with him . 
Rosalind is a tough cookie she has been through so much from being stolen from her family to the cruelness of a master . She is smart and kind of sassy . You will love how she is quick on her feet and can think fast . She is the perfect match for James . They are a great couple strong and full of love for each other . 
Now lets talk evil men there are a few in this book but the most evil of them all is Sir Rupert. He is the typ of character that isn't redeemable by any means . His mean streak runs about a mile and the whip is like an extension of his arm . I really didn't like him one bit . He is nasty you wont like him either . 
  This is James story and we find out how he survived and he writes his memories at the end of his life just like Walter The author takes on an adventure of the seas and we head to some new islands to discover more trading routes . It was great to have the added view of another character Rosalind added a different depth to the story . The author has a great way of writing and painting a picture that will leave you wanting more . The characters are wonderful and the story will have you sucked in by the end of chapter one . 

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