Saturday, August 24, 2019


Welcome to Saturday everyone hope you weekend is going well . Today I have the next book in the Awakened series. ZERO ROGUE  by Matthew S Cox.

                          BOOK BLURB 

Division 0 Officer Aaron Pryce understood any day on the job could be the last for him or his wife—but he never imagined he’d be the one to kill her.

As it turned out, the world of professional sports frowned on using Telekinesis on the field. So, a “career ending injury” quietly sent him to West City to escape anti-psionic Britain. Joining Division 0 made for a drastic change of lifestyle for a once-famous Frictionless player, but meeting Allison made his exile worth it.

Two years into his new life as a cop, he corners a psionic suspect in the middle of a robbery… and she compels Aaron to shoot his partner. Despite his love for his wife, he loses an agonizing battle of wills. His mind—and his world—shatter. When he wakes, the store is gone. Only a field of debris and dead civilians remains.

A department telepath attempts to verify his story, but triggers another fatal backlash, killing several officers. Considered a murderer with out-of-control powers, Aaron has no choice but to go rogue.

On the run from the law, he has one goal: to find the woman who killed Allison—and end her.

                           MY REVIEW 
   When officer Aaron Pryce took the job in Division 0 he knew that any day could be his last but he never thought that he would be the one to kill his partner and his wife . When one day he corners a psionic in the middle of a robbery. She compels him to kill his wife and his world shatters . When a telepath tries to help him out there is a backlash that kills a few officers . So he has no choice but to go Rogue . To clear his name he has to find the woman who made him kill his wife and bring her down . 

  I truly love the characters in this series . The author writes some really complex characters that are usually broken at the beginning but we get to see them heal as the story goes on . Case in point Aaron is a broken shell of a man since his wife was murdered . All he wants to do is find the woman who compelled him. He is a strong man but he is so broken and just wants to be free of the pain he is suffering .  He is you classic tortured character and you will love him , 

   This book is for anyone who loves a good sci fi mixed in with a little cyber punk . The author takes us on a ride that has so many twists and turns . Once you start reading you can't put it down . The story will have you on the edge of your seat most of the time . I couldn't put it down . I love how each character in the series is evolving and growing .  I recommend this series for those who really love a good dystopian sci fi read . It may seem long but once you start reading the time passes for fast . You will get sucked in and love the characters . So add this series to your fall reading list . 

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