Thursday, August 8, 2019

wooohoo its Friday Eve all

  Good Thursday all , or as I like to say its Friday Eve. Today I have a sweet children's book for you kids summer reading challenge.  CHARLIE THE HORSE by Deanie Humphrys - Dunne

                          BOOK BLURB 

Charlie is an adorable young horse. He wants to be a famous racehorse like his dad, Charles the Great. But he doesn't like to focus on his work. He'd rather munch on flowers. Who helps him progress toward his big dream? What happens when he has trouble on the racetrack. Does he persevere? Does his dream come true?
Charlie's story will help your child learn the importance of working hard, setting goals and persevering.
Your child will enjoy this tale that Charlie narrates.

                         MY REVIEW 
   Charlie is a sweet colt and he wants to become a famous racehorse just like his dad . He has a little trouble focusing on work and just wants to munch the flowers and hang out . What happens when he is older , who helps him get better at the racing and will his big dream go down . Will he perserve to become the fastest horse out there just like his dad . 

   This is a sweet story of a colt that wants to be famous like his dad . Charlie is such a sweet colt and he wants to be the best but sometimes he doesn't want to work , he would rather play and eat the flowers . His friends keep him on the straight and narrow to get training and become what he wants to be. You will fall in love with charlie and Misty and the rest of the people that want Charlie to be the best . 

   I sat down one night and started reading this book . I was looking for a story for my great niece . I really liked the way the author took us from Charlie being a foal up to his first big race . The moral of the story for me and i think for your children is that working hard and setting goals is a good thing . It also shows that if you peserve you will succeed . You young readers will love the story that Charlie tells us in his own words . I would get your kids to read it this summer .

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