Wednesday, October 23, 2019


   Good Wednesday all today I have a spooky ghost story for you . FROZEN PACT  by Kat Green

                            BOOK BLURB 

Sixty-two years ago, Nancy Jenkins was found dead in the woods and her murder went unpunished. Since then, the woods have been a dark place, Some say it’s a serial killer and others think it’s much more sinister than that.
Amy Woods and her friends don’t take the rumours seriously and set out to seek the truth. Dark secrets are about to be exposed, and Amy faces the terror that awaits her and anyone she loves. The truth about Nancy Jenkins is much closer to home than Amy could ever imagine.
Nothing stays silent forever, not even the dead. 

                           MY REVIEW 
  When the past comes back to haunt them the families of Amy Woods are in deep trouble . When Nancy Jenkins is found dead tied to a tree sixty two years earlier , sets off a secret that will destroy them all. 

  The characters are well written for such a short book . We see how they grow and realize what they have done . Jimmy is a character that you will love to hate . He was such a bully when he was younger , you really just wanted to throttle him . When you see him as a old man he has totally changed .  Each character has something to hide about Nancy and you can see that they are truly sorry for what they did . 

  This is a short book and I read it in an evening . The characters are well written and the story is a great revenge/ghost story . I really got sucked into the story, I do love a good ghost story and how this one started out was a good twist on the haunted revenge story. 
The only thing that had me wondering about . It just seemed a little slow in a few spots . I think if the author fleshed out the story just a little bit more it would be an even better read . Over all i liked this story and I am glad i read it for the halloween series . 

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