Monday, October 21, 2019


 Today is the release day for the last book in the Ema Marx series . DARK HEIRESS  by JD  Brown

                            BOOK BLURB 

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Mother Scorned.

Ema will stop at nothing to keep her innocent unborn twins safe. But with one prophesied to be the Messiah and the other pure evil, she may as well paint a target on their backs. And time is running out.

With war looming on the horizon, Ema must abandon her family to attend Elite training. Spies lurk around every corner and no one is who they say. Least of all the man Ema loves most.

Lives will be lost in the final battle for the Neo-Draugrian crown as passions are sacrificed for the survival of the vampyre race.

Who will fall and who will rise?

Find out in the long-awaited thrilling conclusion to The Ema Marx Series! One-click for your copy of Dark Heiress now.

                          MY REVIEW 
    Welcome back , Ema is back and ready to fight for her life and the lives of her unborn chirldren. Time is running out for everyone including Ema . There is a war on the horizon and everyone needs to prepare . That means Ema has to go to elite fighting school after the twins are born . Will she be able to juggle everything and make sure the prophesy doesn't come true for the man she loves and the children in her womb. Who will rise and who will fall in this conculsion of this series . 

   All the characters are back Ema, Jesu and the rest of your favourite vampyres . They are well written and man they are so complex . Ema is so strong in this book . She is finally realizing that there is more to life just the fighting . She wants more for her and her children. She struggles with having to leave and having her life under the microscope all the time . She has grown up in this final book . Jesu well he is ummm what can I say about Jesu . He is brooding and sexy but he know what he must do . They finally realize that they are meant for each other and what that would be like . The characters will grab you and suck you into the chapters . There are so many characters that will have you intrigued . 

   I was so very happy when i found out the last book was coming out . I have been patiently waiting for this book for a long time . I will say it was well worth the wait . The author takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride through out .  There is so much going on from intrigue to romance and oh yeah the prophecy. You will be reading well into the night . I will say that i felt the book had a little drag at the begining but once you get through chapter 3 it really picks up . Oh and don't say i didn't warn you but there will be some tears shed because the author does something to one of the main characters that will make you cry . Over all i was excited about this book and I loved every second of it . I am kind of sad that it is all over and yes people did get their happily every after  but not the way you think . So if you want a great series that will have you falling in love check out the EMA MARX series . 

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