Thursday, October 24, 2019


   Welcome to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve. Today I have a sexy little novella for you . It has one of my favourite animals in it also dogs . HEARTS IGNITE IN THE DESERT  by Julianna Douglas .

                             BOOK BLURB

Can an elderly, abandoned Golden Retriever unite two hearts through a common purpose that ignites into a passionate love?

After experiencing more than his fair share of war and violence, Gunnery Sergeant Robbie Garcia is ready for a normal civilian life. Recently discharged from the Marines, he returns to Phoenix, searching for something rewarding to do with his life, while also hoping to find a wife and start a family. During a visit with his lifelong best friend, Robbie spots a picture of his friend’s younger sister. The girl he remembers as an awkward teenager has blossomed into a beautiful, determined woman with impressive plans for the future, who piques his interest and kindles his desire. Could the woman of his dreams have been right in front of him all these years?

Ever since she was a teenager, Gabriela Sanchez has dreamed of two things: dedicating her life to working with animals and marrying Robbie Garcia. She achieved the first when she became a vet tech and was hired by Loving Hearts, and now she wants nothing more than to open her own senior dog sanctuary. However, since Robbie never saw her as anything other than his best friend’s annoying little sister, the second has always been out of her reach. Over the years, Gabby tried to forget Robbie by dating other guys, but her heart never stopped loving him from afar. When they reunite, will all of her fantasies finally be fulfilled?

                         MY REVIEW
    Recently discharged from the marines Gunnery Sergeant Robbie Garcia returns home , searching for some meaning in his life . When he heads to his best friends house for dinner one night he might of just found the future he is looking for when he sees his best friends sister all grown up . When he sees his future in a picture . Will he be able to see Gabriela and keep his hand off of her and will they together be able to find the future they both want and need. 

   The characters in this novella are well written , and you will like them all . Gabriela is a sweet woman who knows what she wants . She is strong and sweet at the same time . I liked her . Robbie is sexy and strong , he knows what he wants . They are good characters apart but when they get together they are hot . The character i fell in love with though has to be Teddy , the golden retriever that actually brought them together . 

     This is a hot little novella , the author takes us on a sexy little adventure . Its just a snippet of what is going on in their lives and how just a picture and a thought could lead to something so good . There are a couple of things that I wish the author would of written more about old dog rescues and maybe just fleshed out the book just a little bit more and let us get to know the characters on a little deeper level . Over all I enjoyed this novella and trust me your kindle might melt when you read this one . So if you want a sexy little novella for you winter reading check it out 

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