Tuesday, May 24, 2022


  Good evening all , wow its been busy here over the last week . So I am posting this in the evening . Today I have  the 4th book in the Blood Knight Chronicles series . IMMORTAL REDEEMED by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom . 

                           BOOK BLURB

 Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight’s eternal life...

Kellan Ladd has lived for centuries as one of the seven Blood Knights designed for a specific quest. Ready to end his long existence, he must seek the ancient soul that can grant him his wish.

McKenna Randall, ER nurse, ex-cop, isn't sure what to make of the sexy Harley riding stranger. She will either have to believe his story about the power of the soul she carries, and help with his wish...or love him in spite of the danger he represents.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Kellan Ladd has been hunting for the one person that can end his long life . He is an immortal and has been living for centuries as part of the Blood  Knights . He is being pulled towards Mckenna Randall , the one woman who might be the ancient soul that could put an end to him.  She isn't really sure about the sexy leather clad Harley riding man . There is something there that is stirring up feelings that have her doubting that if she should believe what he is saying and that she is this powerful being or should she fall in love with him inspite of the fact she could kill him at anytime . 
 Omg the characters in this book are amazing . Kellan well he is so sexy and such an alpha male . He is a vampire and a protector of humans from what goes bump in the night . Wow there are things that go bump in the night through out this book . He is lonely though and you can feel it on the pages . He is the type of man you want protecting you from all the bumps in the night . I really like him out of all the knights he is the one that feels and wants to have a life that doesn't include all the blood shed.  Mckenna is well she is a fighter , first she was a cop who got shot in the line of duty and now she a nurse .She is feisty and strong, she stands along side Kellan fighting the things that want to kill her . They are one of those couples that you will love from the very first time you meet them in the book . They are complex and well written and you feel like you know them . 
   This is one of those books that you get sucked into from the very beginning . The first meeting of the hero is on a harley speeding towards Seattle and not for coffee either . The author has the tension built up by the second chapter and you want to see where this couple is going to take us. There is so much going on through out the book , there are monsters , secrets, steamy times and soo much more that goes on through out the book. I really love this series each book is all alpha and hunting for the person that can save them So if you want a series that will keep you entertained all the way through check it out and check out the BLOOD KNIGHTS  series .

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