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     Good morning my lovelies, today we are going to review BROGAN'S PROMISE (book three of the Macintoshes and Mclarens) by Suzan Tisdale.

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Whisky made her forget. One man’s love will help her remember.

He could have walked away when he learned of his bride’s secret — that she is a raging alcoholic. But Brogan Mackintosh is not the kind of man to turn a blind eye to someone in need. He battled his own demons and won the fight against drink years before. Facing the challenges head on, like the battle hardened warrior he is, he is determined to help his new bride overcome the demons that haunt her. And he might even learn the truth surrounding the murders of her husband and infant son.

Mairghread Mactavish isn’t sure she can continue to breathe anymore without the aid of wine and whisky. Plunging herself into the dark abyss of drunkenness was the only place where she could catch glimpses, bits and pieces of her memory from the night her world was torn apart. When she learns the truth about the man she is to marry — a man who has murdered more than one wife and raped countless other women — she makes a desperate decision to marry Brogan Mackintosh instead. Brogan offers her more than a way out of marrying a murderer, however. He might be the only man who can give her back the life she once lived.
This is a story about overcoming grief and alcoholism and finding true love in your darkest hours.

                            MY REVIEW 

          I must say I fell in love with this book and read the whole thing in one day . Brogan and Mairghread are such a great couple , they went through a lot to be together . I will say that there are some really hard parts to read because it deals with alcoholism.  So let me introduce you to Brogan and Mairghread .  
     Mairghread has had a lot happen in her life . She has become a drunk , a nasty mean drunk , to hide the pain of the loss of her husband and son. This is the only way she can survive the agony of the deaths and get bits and pieces of her memories back . Brogan Macintosh is battling his own demons loving the love of his life too early , he has promised his love that he will love again but he can't . He has been down the drunken road also, he is pushed into his marriage but his sister n law and a couple of meddling ladies . Will they survive each other and will they make it through and see the light of day on the other side . 
    The characters in this book are very complex . Brogan is the type of guy you want to have in your life . He is strong, sexy and so lovable. He has gone through so much in his life you can't help but love him from the very beginning . As you read the book you really start to care for this man and want him to help Mairghread heal and get to the bottom of what really happened . He has his fun side and such a caring side . It breaks your heart some of the stuff he helps Mairghread through . What I loved about him is that he stood up for Mairghread and fought for her when she couldn't do it herself .
  Mairghread was a little annoying to me at first , I really kind of wanted to shake her but as you read you will find out the demons she is fighting . She is a strong character but is weak at the beginning because of the tragedy that has happened to her. You can really feel her pain and angst . Watching her go through detox was horrible but she was a fighter and came through . Then you see her becoming a strong woman who will fight for her love and for the clan . She really toughens up and becomes the head of the clan and does it well . She loves all those in the family and the clan .  They are the best for each other and make such a great pair . They are not only in love with each other they are friends . 
  Of course we also have a supporting cast of characters and I must say Gertie and Tilda were my favourite characters . They are so funny and remind my so much of meddlesome aunts that only want good things happen to the ones they love . They were the fun part of the book . Along with Henry, Liam and Reginald . The one scene with those three and Brogan at the end of the book will have you laughing . Not going to tell you , you will have to read the book to find out . And of course with all the fun loving characters we have the one that is absolute evil. This book has two of the  Aymer MacTavish and Countermauche the Frenchman bent on destroying Mairghread . They are so evil I am not even going to tell you I will let you read for yourself . 
     I couldn't believe how fast I read this book . It sucked me in and I couldn't stop reading , I will admit that some of it was hard to read but it was told with such compassion you couldn't help but fall in love with the lead characters . You will be reading through the night with this book . If you like hot men in kilts and woman who are strong and weak at the same time . This is the book for you . You should really add this book to your summer reading list . Check it out . You will not be disappointed 
was given this book by the publisher and this is my honest review . 

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