Sunday, March 6, 2016

Good Sunday all

 Good Sunday , usually don't post on Sundays but this was such a sweet book I just had to get it out there for you all to read . Taking Back Beautiful by Devon Hartford.

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First he helped me take my beauty back. Then he took me...

For the first time in her life, Daphne Bowman wants to get in shape. She wants her beauty back and she's determined to get it.

The last thing she's looking for when she signs up for a membership at Body Fitness is a love connection.

Apollo Armstrong is a personal trainer with an emotional hole in his heart that he is trying to fill with the love of a good woman. He's tired of meaningless dates with meaningless women who have nothing to offer but their bodies. He wants a real connection.

From the moment they meet, their connection is electric. But is it enough to keep them together forever?

TAKING BACK BEAUTIFUL is a fast read with loads of sweet and sexy feels, the scorching hot sex you expect, and the happy ending you demand. Both kinds.

Recommended for ages 18+

                            MY REVIEW
   OK this book kind of hit home with me , cause I was always the girl with the not skinny body. I so felt for Daphne when she walked into the gym for the first time . All those perfect bodies are so intimidating. Then walks in the man of your dreams but you just don't know it yet . After a visit to his dad's grave , Apollo has an instant attraction to Daphne and trains her , and the sparks fly and boy do they fly. As they work at their friendship there is something more under the surface.
    I absolutely enjoyed this book , the characters were so sweet and you can't help but fall in love with each character. Daphne just reminded me of most of the women in the world , we don't know how beautiful we are and we always have that one part of our body we hate. She was so sweet and so likeable . You felt all her insecurities and you just wanted to hug her in the beginning . As you read though you start cheering for her and you see her transform from shy little church mouse to a woman that is sexy and so self assured . Apollo is the alpha male that is hurting from his loosing his dad and tired of just being a lay to all the self absorbed skinny women in the gym . He wants something more from his life and when he sees Daphne , he just knows that she is the woman for him .  You can see him actually grow up as you read into the book. He doesn't care that she is a little cushy , she is the softness to his hardness .  Just watching him with Daphne is actually swoon worthy , he is protective and dominate but also he lets go to be himself around her . He doesn't have to be the fake muscle head like he is around the people in the gym . I really like this couple together and as individuals . They were sweet and sexy .
 The person I wanted to punch was Fiona , the receptionist at the club. She so reminded me of the mean girls at school. Thinking herself as perfect and no one else can be her friend . She just got under my skin and took me back to high school.
   This was a great afternoon read for me . You are taken on a sexy sweet ride through pain and a bit of prejudice . There are scenes that will make you laugh out loud , squat fucks to be precise. You will giggle over the inadequacy of each character and how they get through them . The only thing I wish the author would of done cause I wanted it lol. I really wanted Daphne to have it out with Fiona. It would of just been the icing on the cake for me . The author has written a quirky , sweet read that will have you cheering for the couple one min and the next min you will be swooning and trying to cool down your kindle . So if you want a sweet happily ever after read that you can read in an afternoon , Check out TAKING BACK BEAUTIFUL . You won't be disappointed .

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