Wednesday, March 9, 2016

welcome to the calm in between my storms

    Good Wednesday all , I am back after a migraine and getting my tattoos yesterday . I am back to review a really good short book THE SCARLETT CURSE BY Toneye Eyenot

                              BOOK BLURB

Scarlett, bearer of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity for nigh on three hundred years, untouched by linear time, unhindered by the confines of space, nevertheless has grown weary. The ancient dagger, crafted in sorcery over eight thousand years ago, requires the blood of the profane to sustain its power. Scarlett has killed scores over the centuries and will continue for as long as she possesses The Blade.
Her chance meeting with young Dera, an 11 year old mute from the outskirts of town, throws both of their worlds into chaos, as Scarlett returns to the busy town of Mills Wall, to complete a failed attempt on her most elusive target to date. Could this child be the downfall of Scarlett? The demise of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity? Dark and troubled times are all that is foreseeable for both Scarlett and the mysterious little girl. Indeed for all of Mills Wall.
                            MY REVIEW
    This book had me sucked in from the first page . It is a novella and didn't take me long to read but I was glued to every page . The story starts out with action and doesn't stop . The action starts on page one and keeps building until the end . So let me introduce you to Scarlett and her dagger . She has owned the dagger for over 300 years and will continue to kill as long as she owns the dagger .  Until the meeting with a young mute girl that could be the downfall of both Scarlett and the dagger .
  The characters in this book are very complex and very dark. You just don't know what is going to happen. Scarlett is so complex, she is a hunter and a killer but you do get to see a different side to her when she see Dre . You want to find out more a lot more about Scarlett an why she has the dagger . She is so mysterious and dark. I really loved her. Dre is another character that we just don't know about . She seems to be innocent but what is with her attachment to Scarlett and why did she show up at that time. The rest of characters are all so dark and very unique. They aren't your ordinary everyday characters .
   This is a dark complex novella that will take you right into the action and keep you in the action all the way through . I will tell you it is dark and very unpredictable. You will think you are heading one way and then the author takes you in a totally different way . This is only the beginning for this series. I am expecting it to go darker and more action packed .So if you  want a fast paced action filled book that will keep you on the edge of your seat . Check out this novella , I will say you will be pretty amazed . I can't wait for the conclusion .

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