Thursday, July 4, 2019


  Good afternoon all we made it to Thursday or as I love to call it Friday Eve. Today I have a new author and a sweet book . CREDENCE WOODS by Alexandria Sure.

                            BOOK BLURB

Weight loss surgery ✓
Successful career ✓
Love … there’s no time for that!

Kennedy Hewson is a workaholic. She hasn’t had a vacation in over five years. Thanks to a streak of record sales, she’s been able to purchase a multi-million dollar condo in downtown Chicago and acquire a boutique-sized collection of fabulous high heels.

While on location for work, and quite unexpectedly, Kennedy finds serenity with an unexpected person in an unexpected place, Credence Woods. Can she give up everything she’s worked so hard for, or will she say goodbye to Tennessee and the stranger who made her feel a sense of ‘home’ for the very first time?

Sometimes, you don’t know you’re missing something until you find it.

                           MY REVIEW 
  Kennedy Hewson is a busy woman , lets call her a workaholic . She has worked for so long she can afford the best of everything .  She has a list of things that she has accomplished . When she heads to Tennessee for a job she is going to cross one more thing off her list. Where low and behold she runs into the man that can make her relax and give her a sense of home where as noone else ever has . Will she realize that the serenity of country living be the one thing that Kennedy has been missing her whole life . 

    I found that I had some things in common with the main character Kennedy . She is feisty but also kind of insecure because of her past and her weight . Also the one she loved broke her heart . So she throws herself into work and become the best that she can . As you read you actually see her come into her own and realize that she can have it all and still have the love she wanted.
  Oh lets talk about Max , oh my goodness , he is a sweet southern gentleman . Who is oh so sexy and sweet . He meets Kennedy at the strip club where he makes her think he is the boss .  He wants a relationship with someone who will love him for him.  I would so bring him home to mom and dad . I truly liked him and Kennedy together as a couple . They so deserved to be with each other . 

    I sat down and started reading this book and I couldn't put the book down. I was totally thinking I had so much in common with the main character . Its hard when you have been heavy to see yourself as skinny . There are ups and downs the characters go through in this book . You just really want to hug them both and say everything is ok . The author will take you on a very emotional rollercoaster ride through out this book . I read it in an evening and think that this would be a great beach read for your summer reading list 

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