Monday, May 30, 2016


   Good morning all , its Monday and a holiday for a lot of your. Today is release day for Bianca Sommerland's  new book LINE BRAWL .

                            BOOK BLURB
Not all fights are one on one. In a team, no man should stand alone.

‘You can’t keep me.’

Shawn ‘Easy’ Pischlar has given his speech so often, it should be written on the white board in the Dartmouth Cobra’s locker room. Too many of his own teammates have heard the words.

And the games he’s played are finally catching up to him.

To hang on to his freedom, Shawn gave up on ever having someone to call his own. A young woman who expects nothing from him slips into his life and has him ready to toss the rulebook. While the man he loves tempts him to burn it.

Keeping them both would be easy, only…caring about them isn’t.

Because when he lets himself care, he remembers why he wrote the rules in the first place. Every lover, from the casual, to those who steal a piece of his heart, shouldn’t expect more than pleasure. More than passion.

Playing the game, on and off the ice, is his whole world. One he isn’t ready to change.

Except, life doesn’t stop for the game. And when old scars are ripped open, and he’s left bloody and beaten, the rules won’t help him put the pieces of his life back together.

To win this fight, he’ll have to break each and every one.
                               MY REVIEW
     This book has me at my ends , Bianca creates such a complex set of characters . All with their own set of problems. There is kink and sex oozing off the page but also there is love and a long that comes out as you read . But there is so much more that is going on between the pages . As you read you will laugh cry and honestly ladies  you will need a fan in some areas of the book cause this book does get really spicy .
   There are way too many characters to name them all but I must say that all Bianca's characters are well written and complex . I absolutely loved Shawn and Ian, I must say they are very hot together and when you read them  you will agree they are hot , hot , hot . Until Justina comes into the picture and then wow it gets even hotter . But like all things there is always someone or something that gets in the way before the happy ending . Samantha is the one character that I so wanted to slap upside the head repeatedly . She drove me crazy with her antics and trust me when I say this you will want to slap her too . She needs to do a lot of growing up before she can have a relationship with anyone. The rest of the team are there too  helping our main characters out and showing them that there is more to life then just sex . 
    I truly liked this book but to me I found it was a little slow in some areas and seemed to drag . Also at some points it seemed like there were too many stories going on and a few too many characters to keep up with . Those are my only two objections about the book. I did really like reading this book and hearing more about her Cobras . Bianca will take you to places that you never thought you would end up an rip out your heart and piece it back together . She will melt your kindle with the sexiness of her men . So if you want a really good sports romance with hot alpha men and the women and men who love them . Check out Bianca's Darthmoth Cobras series 

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