Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Happy Tuesday all . hope your week is going great . Just coming off a long weekend here , so sat outside on the deck doing a lot of reading , my kind of weekend. I fell in love with FIVE DAYS ( Five series book 2) by Cathy Jackson.

                            BOOK BLURB

Tavora Kar has finally moved forward in her life. The brief time she has spent with Luke R’phael has reawakened her longing for companionship. She is surrounded by friends and a church who love her as family, yet her heart still belongs to only one man.

Luke R’phael has spent the last year grieving for his wife. He has sought the company of others to ease his longing and has found it wanting. He returns to Tavora seeking the comfort he once gave her, determined to make her his.

Passion flames as two lost souls find each other, but will their love survive past the next five days?
Will their differences fuel their desire or drive them apart forever?

                            MY REVIEW
   It has been a year since Tavora and Luke have seen each other . In that time Luke has been mourning his dead wife and Tavora has been getting on with hers.  There is a draw that is pulling them together . He finally realizes that Tavora is the one woman for him and travels back to claim Tavvy . They meet back up and sparks fly , but will their love withstand the differences in their loves . Or will they be torn apart before their love has a chance to blossom into more .
  I must say I fell in love part two of this story , I finished off book one and was so chomping at the bit to get to book two. So when it came out I jumped out at it . I started reading in the afternoon and Tavvy and Luke sucked me in from the very first page . Their love story isn't going to be an easy story, they come from totally different backgrounds, Tavora is a born again Christian who has ties to her church and her close friends . Luke has lapsed and hasn't been to church since he was a child . He doesn't really believe in God. He doesn't understand the way that Tavvy is with the church, he has to come to terms with his love for Tavvy and his unease with the church. You can see him trying to be what Tavvy wants but you see him struggling at times. We see him being so vulnerable and a little scared . He doesn't want to loose his life with Tavvy but he doesn't know what to do .
  Tavora has actually grown stronger in this book , we see become more involved and happy , but there is still the ache of lost love . She becomes such a great lady standing up and becoming more and more happy . When together with Luke she is getting stronger and stronger but they also are having their problems . She will be a great girl friend to have, to hang out with and help with your problems . 
    I was sucked in on the very first page , the story is compelling and will keep you reading . There is sex in this book which the author wrote very tastefully and not too graphically that might turn some people off . The story is complex and you will be thinking about it after you are finished .  You will want to cheer for Tavvy and Luke and you will also kind of want to slap Luke upside the head a few times. You will laugh and shed a tear or twenty I know I did . So trust me when I say this have a box of Kleenex and a bar of chocolate on hand . You will need them both , the Kleenex to dry your tears and the chocolate to soothe your aching heart . I so can't wait for book 3, I need to know if they will live happily ever after.

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