Thursday, May 5, 2016

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  Good Thursday morning all today we are going to review DELTA FORCE by Julie Morgan.

                            BOOK BLURB

Special Ops soldier Logan Saunders is at the top of his game. He has led nearly impossible missions in the heat of war, while having a wife at home who waited for his return.
Or so he thought. Receiving word of a fatal collision, Logan returns home and soon discovers her infidelity.
Training missions, parties, and women become his life's focus. When the partying makes him a danger to others and himself, matters are placed into the hands of the military.
When forced with a life changing decision, Logan meets a woman who will change his life. Problem is, she is his assigned therapist. And she is off limits.
Will she be able to help Logan get over his past and forgive his wife? What about forgiving himself?
In the line of fire, there is fight or flight. This is a fight Logan intends to win.

                           MY REVIEW
  I must admit that this is the first military related book I have had the privilege to read . Let me introduce you to Logan a special ops soldier . He has it all a great job he loves and a wife at home waiting for him . Until the day he looses it all in an instant when his wife dies in an accident . Now he is a changed man , partying till all hours , using women and training missions with his unit . He is slowly killing himself until the day the military step in and send him to a therapist . Will she be able to bring him back to the man he was before he implodes . Will he ever be able to forgive himself and forgive his dead wife .
   Logan is your typical alpha male , he oozes sex when he walks into a room . But man he is also going through hell and doesn't want any help. Trust me you will want to climb him like a spider monkey but then there are moments that you want to slap him hard . Then as you continue to read you start hoping that he will pull through and get the love that he wants and needs . Miranda is a strong woman that will not take any shit that Logan throws at her . As his therapist you see her be hard and making him do things he doesn't want to do . They are like fire and ice  when they are together . These characters are very well developed and very enjoyable to read
    I truly liked this story, knowing people in the military and what can happen when one person is deployed for long periods of time . The author did a pretty good job in keeping the story as true as possible . The characters are well developed and you really start to care for them .  This was a quick read for me and I read it in an evening . I am going to look into more books from this author . She is new to me and I truly enjoyed Ms Morgan's writing style, it is emotional and you will want to have a box of tissues handy , you will need it .

Originally from Burleson, Texas Julie always had a love of books, especially paranormal stories. Julie finally took the leap to begin writing with encouragement from her family.
Having worked in IT her entire career, Julie now spends her free time writing. Living in Central Florida with her husband and daughter, her favorite pastime is reading children's stories to her daughter, especially those around animals.

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