Tuesday, May 3, 2016


  Well today is kind of a special day here . I am actually excited to share with you the very first graphic novel that blew me away . A SHROUDED WORLD BY Mark Tufo and John Obrien.

                          BOOK BLURB

Meet Jack Walker a tough no-nonsense former Air Force pilot. He is torn from his family and the Night Runner filled apocalyptic world and thrown into an alien landscape where monsters both familiar and beyond disturbing abound. He meets up with Michael Talbot a wise-ass talking former Marine and John the Tripper, a hippie who has yet to realize the 60’s are over. They have also been ripped from their world overrun with zombies. Together they must overcome the harshness of the Shrouded World! This is the story of when separate realities clash! Based on the Best Selling novel A Shrouded World by Mark Tufo and John O’Brien.
                        MY REVIEW
 I was blown away when I found out these two authors decided to do a graphic novel. So of course I grabbed it right away . I was blown away with the story line . Jack Walker meets up with Michael Talbot and John the tripper are such a hoot . They are fighting their way through the zombie apocalypse. They realize their worlds are ripped apart. Their worlds clash but they need each other to survive .
    The characters in the graphic novel are diverse we have Mark Walker and ex air force man who is no nonsense guy that wants to survive . He is a tough guy and just wants to survive . Michael Talbot is a rough and tough ex marine who also just wants to get back to his world . The best character is John the tripper . I have never laughed so hard reading this character. He is a burnt out hippie that doesn't really grasp what is going on sometimes. He is a laugh a min and he is stuck in the 60's and doesn't want to leave anytime soon .
   This comic is based on the book by the same name and actually brings the characters to life and adds another dimension. The illustrations are great and the story line is just the tip of the ice berg .
The only problem it was short really short but that's ok it keeps us wanting more . Now I am going to have go and reread the novel. I hope there are more coming cause this is a set I would love to keep getting . So keep them coming guys .

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