Friday, May 13, 2016


   Good Friday all , and HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH. Have you ever been hunting for a book to read and nothing caught your eye until you stumble on a book that is short but packs a punch . This is what I found the other day. THE GUILD by Brian Parker

                              BOOK BLURB

Post-war, Denver is ruled by the powerful Guild, an egalitarian regime intent on maintaining order at all costs. But some of the citizens remember what it was like before the fall of the old world and will stop at nothing to bring back capitalism and democracy to their city.

Meanwhile, Misha, a young farm boy with his head in the clouds, is lured in by the beautiful Kara. She holds the key to a secret that will bring Misha’s world crashing down and has the potential to change his future.

                                MY REVIEW
   This book caught my eye as I was hunting through books to read . This is a new author for me and I was excited to start reading . It is a short book so I would call it a novella . What a great way to get to know an author I must say this book blew me way . Misha and his family are poor farmers working for the Guild in post war Denver. Misha wants more and is a lover of books . He is ok with his life and what is going on until the day he meets Kara and then his life is turned upside down .
  I got totally invested in these characters . Misha is a kid that loves to get lost in books he loves his family. All he knows is the Guild and how things work . They are hard working people and they want to keep everyone happy . Kara is a tough as nails little girl that will do anything to get her sister back . Even do something to an unsuspecting young boy like Misha. The characters are written with such intensity . They are more then just kids and as you read you really start to care for them and what happens.
    This was a quick afternoon read and once I started I couldn't put it down, the pages basically turned themselves . The story maybe post apocalyptic but it is also a story of family love and what you will do to save the ones you love . There is an intensity packed into the pages of this book, and the writer takes us on a ride full of some twists and turns . I honestly wished that the book was a little longer so we could see what happens to characters after the deed is done . Other then it being short I absolutely loved this book and I am hoping that there will be a book two.
  This is a new author to me and I am sooo glad that I found Brian Parker's books . I am off to see more about this author . So if you want a great afternoon read for by the beach or pool and you love post apocalyptic stories please check out THE GUILD by Brian Parker


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