Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 Good Wednesday all , hope your hump day is going well so far .  Have you ever found an author and loved one series they put out . Just to find out they have some great books out there in other genres . That's what happened to me, I fell in love with Devan Sagliani's zombie books and was cruising to look for some other books to read I found this little treasure SAINT DEATH a short horror book.

                            BOOK BLURB

Several young American college students on vacation for Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas are lured away from safety with promises of sex and drugs only to be sacrificed by a blood thirsty Santa Muerte cult that worships death.

"Sagliani epitomizes what a sound and seasoned story teller should be in stylistic prose... Saint Death sets the precedent of bone chilling, skin crawling horror fiction and what it ultimately strives to be." -Horror News

                          MY REVIEW
   Ok I must admit , I am a horror book lover and this book was very intriguing to me . I read what it was about and instantly picked it up .  Lets just say Devan has ruined all my travel plans I ever had . The thing about this book is that it really does happen in some of these countries . You just don't know what could happen when on vacation . Ok I will quit talking about my phobias that Devan has installed in my heart . I will tell you about the book .
    The story opens as a we watch a couple of young college co-eds go missing in Mexico and being sacrificed to a cult. You are thrown into the action right away, Devan doesn't pull any punches in this book. He takes us on a journey literally through hell and back . The cult alone is scary enough but what they do to these poor students is unbelievable . Trust me when I say this , I actually got up and pulled the curtains closes and locked my doors . The story just scared the bejesus out of me .
  The book is very graphic and not your Stephen King kind of horror . This horror will stick with you as you read . The author took a great deal of time doing research on the local folk lore and knowledge of the area. He kept it very real and it shows on the pages, but as with most books as you dive into the book there is more that is going on as it crosses the line into depravity and how far greedy people are . There is only one thing that I wished , there was more, I wanted a longer story . But with that being said I truly loved this story.  So if you want a great short horror book that will make you never ever travel anywhere ever again . Will take you to the edge of sanity and then pull you back just in time . Check out SAINT DEATH  by Devan Sagliana

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