Friday, July 6, 2018


 Good Friday all , today we have a book that I got the privilege to read and advanced copy of . RUTHLESS SPIRITS by Sandy Wolters .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Terry Anderson’s lifelong dream has come to fruition. Finally his success as an artist affords him the opportunity to purchase the home that has beckoned to him since childhood. What he doesn’t know is, if he moves in, a sinister evil will be unleashed, threatening everything and everyone Terry cares about.

As High Priestess of her Wiccan Coven, Rainy Stratton’s sixth sense has never failed to shed insight on anyone who crosses her path. That is…until she encounters Terry. Intrigued by his eccentric style and humor, she finds herself drawn to him, and despite her misgivings, she eagerly entrusts her heart to the man she can’t read.

When the wicked come out to play, Rainy and Terry face a battle of good versus evil, but she can’t see how it will end. However, the price of losing is unacceptable. For if they do, the devil will claim their souls.

All books in the Spirit Voices Series are full-length, stand-alone novels.
Troubled Spirits – Book One
Ruthless Spirits – Book Two

                        MY REVIEW 
 This is the second book in the Spirit voices series .  Meet  Terry Anderson and Rainy Stratton . Two very different people but find a love that will help them when evil comes out to play . They meet at a wedding of their best friends and have a pull towards each other. When Terry moves into his new house there is something evil in that house . Which will take Rainy and the rest of the family to the edge and back . Will they survive and will their love will bring them through.
   This is more of a ghost story then the first book . The characters are well written and complex. I absolutely adore Rainy she is the calm in the storm . She is a coven leader and a wiccan high priestess . She exudes calm and serenity . But don't make her angry cause she will kick some butt. She is loyal and will help anyone out . You would really want her as your best friend . Terry is hmmmmm what can we say about our boy . He is an artist and a very lovable guy . He is also kind of insecure when it comes to Rainy . He does really come into his own battling the evil that is haunting him . There are moments when you want to wrap him up in a blanket and hug him tight . I truly loved these two they are so sweet together and you just can't help but wanting the best for them . The characters from book one also make an appearance . 
   I sat down and starting reading this book and before I knew it I was done . I got sucked in from the very first page . The author takes us on a journey through the unknown. There are twists and turns that will keep you reading . This is more of a ghost story then the first book .  The evil figure is truly evil and you see them battle it . It does get a little scary at times . I really like this authors writing , it is straightforward and concise and weaves such a fun story to read . This story is fast paced and very entertaining . You will fall in love with the characters all of them . So if you want a great read for by the pool this summer check out the SPIRIT VOICES SERIES  you will not be disappointed .  

you can preorder RUTHLESS SPIRITS here

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