Thursday, July 5, 2018


 Good Thursday all , hope your week is going good . Today we are going to review BUTTERFLY SERENADE (O'Malley  brothers book one ) by Julianna Douglas

                            BOOK BLURB 

Whore. Slut. Tramp.

I don’t want to believe the words, but they’re true. Having sex with strangers temporarily affords me the necessary control to quiet the demons from my nightmares. But each unfulfilling encounter leaves me more emotionally empty than before. I’m trapped in a dead, brown shell, unable to break free.

Until the day he walks into my life.

Colin is everything that's good and pure–a beacon of light to my dark, lost soul. His music is a soothing balm, warming long-frozen places inside me. His kindness disarms me, making me long for more. But to have more, I’d need to reveal the horrors of my past.

And I can’t tell anyone. It’ll tear me apart.

I’ve been waiting for her all my life.

From the moment I laid eyes her, I knew Rose was my soul mate. I’m drawn to her inner beauty and yearn to show her the love she’s never known. The pain reflected in her lovely amber eyes rouses emotions deep within me, stirring the music in my soul and making my fingers take flight over the keyboard.

But Rose is a woman holding closely guarded secrets.

More than my next breath, I want to quell the haunted look in her eyes ... heal her broken spirit and make her whole again. She doesn't believe that's possible. But I won't give up.

Not until she lets me love her–all of her.

Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of abuse that may distress some readers.

                      MY REVIEW 
   I will say that this book was a heart breaking book to read . The author really takes you on an emotional journey through heart breaking abuse to healing just a little . Rose has heard it all , the ugly names others call her . She tried to let it roll off her shoulders . Until the day she met Colin , the sweet young man that nearly ran her over on the stairs . The young man that helped her out . The one man that might be able to break through her barriers . But when they start to fall for each other will the trauma of Roses past break them apart or will Colin's love pull them through the darkness into the light . 
   This book has some really well written characters . The main characters are very complex . Rose is a young woman that has been through the worst things imaginable . You get a glimpse of it at the beginning . She is very self destructive and you kind of want to shake her a little . But as you dive deeper into the book , you really start to understand why she is doing what she is doing . You see her at her worst and you see her at her best . You will want to wrap here up in a warm blanket and just hug her . You don't realize the strength she has . Colin well what can we say about this young man . He is sweet beyond words  and sees something special in Rose that she can't see . He is patient and so kind , and kind of sexy in the all American boyfriend way . He knows that Rose is his soulmate but he has to get through to the sweet girl he sees .  Olivia is Roses best friend and the only person that knows what actually happened to Rose . She is a sweet girl but is also getting frustrated with Rose and her self destructive behaviour . There are so many good and evil characters that surround Rose and Colin . You will love them and want to hurt the evil people that hurt Rose . 
  This is a very emotional read, I actually had to put the book down and read something funny for a bit . The author takes us on an emotional journey with twists and turns .  I had a really ugly cry while reading this book . Trust me have a box of tissue with you while you read this one . My emotions run amuck during this read . One min I wanted to shake Rose and say open your eyes girl, then I wanted to wrap her up in my arms and hug her . Then you want to do some damage on all the people that hurt her .  This is a inspirational story of the power of healing and the power of love . The therapeutic aspects of this book are done with great care and realistic . The author did a great deal of research to get it accurate. I recommend this book to anyone should read if you want an ugly cry . Put this one on your summer reading list . But be prepared to cry and hug your children tight , 

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