Thursday, July 19, 2018


   Good Thursday all , today we are going to review one of my all time favourite authors . She has a new book out the seventh in the Cursed by Blood series and Dominic's story . CONDEMNED is out today .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Born to darkness in a time when crusades raged between battling faiths, Dominic De’Lessep is taken prisoner of the blood. Cursed for spurning his maker for delivering him to an existence devoid of light, she condemns him to a life alone, where anyone he dared love, dies.
A millennium later, revenge is all he wants, that is until he meets Belinda force, a fiery student of antiquities who knows him for what he is and what he plans to do.
Perilously drawn to this mysterious stranger, Belinda ignores the danger in his eyes and the icy touch that makes her body burn. She cannot deny her deep connection to the man and his quest or his raging need for her...even if it kills her. Can true love break the curse that’s held him for a thousand years?

                        MY REVIEW 
  For this being the seventh book in the series , the author didn't loose any steps . This is Dominic's story and I have loved this character since I first read about him . He has been alive since the time of the Templars , cursed to live in the darkness alone . Fast forward a millennium when he meets the woman that will change his long life . Belinda a young antiquities student . They are drawn to each other and will their love be enough to save Belinda and break the curse . 
  What can you say about these characters , they are well written and complex. Dominic is well lets just say he is sexy as sin and oh so brooding . You want to bring him out of his darkness and well do bad things with him . But there is more to this sexy vampire , there is a vulnerability to him that you see through out the story. He wants to love and be loved but there is the fact that he needs to take care of a problem from a long time ago . He is very protective of anyone who loves him . Now Belinda is a force to be reckoned with . She is a strong woman that can fight her own battles but she is also down to earth. They are great characters on their own but together they are combustible , they will blow your socks off . 
  The author takes us on a journey with a great mystery attached . You will love the characters and the story has so much to offer . We go back to the time of the Templars and it does suit Dominic's character so well . This author has such a way of telling a story that will leap off the pages and suck you in . Oh and don't worry there is a lot of steam in this book that will melt your kindle.  So hang on for a ride that will have you flipping pages all night long . This could be read as a stand alone but if you want to get to know all the characters check out the CURSED BY BLOOD series . If you want to read Dominic and Belinda check out CONDEMNED  you will not be disappointed . A hot read for the summer . 

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